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The seed of imagination grows up to KT&G.Total amount of social contribution investment from 2004 to 2017 is 860 billion won 2.6 % of investment to sales ratio.

KT&G Way

  • Establishment of the direction of the KT&G Way KT&G has newly established the direction of its mid- and long-term social contributions, which is an upgrade of existing social contribution activities. The KT&G Way is to systematically maintain and develop existing social contribution activities while reinforcing differentiated social contribution methods unique to KT&G, such as Mecenat activities.
  • Direction of KT&G’s social contributions KT&G’s social contributions are largely divided into five directions: “cultural and artistic contributions” to support and create new cultures, with the keyword “imagination”; a “welfare foundation” as happiness networks that support marginalized neighbors; a “scholarship foundation” that cultivates creative excellent, talented persons in these global times; “personnel volunteer service activities,” which are the talent-sharing activities of personnel; and “social responsibility activities,” which reflect the characteristics of the industry.


Imagine a better tomorrow

KT&G’s social contribution slogan, “Imagine a better tomorrow,” shows KT&G’s firm will not to be satisfied with the prese nt but to open a better tomorrow everybody can be happier. The symbol mark is an image that embodies humans and th eir minds, containing a message of dreams and hopes to imagine a happy future with love and sharing, and the multicol ored heart symbolizes a dive rsified imagination

Direction of KT&G’s social contributions

Slogan To implement a “society where people live together,” KT&G faithfully fulfills its social responsibility as a corporate citizen and aims for the sustainable development of the company. KT&G will not only fulfill its corporate economic respo nsibility, such as the supply of products and services and the creation of profits and employment, but also actively condu ct contributing activities in various fields such as personnel donations/social welfare/scholarships/culture and arts/and so cial responsibility projects to realize a world open toeverybody and happiness networks.

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