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With the management philosophy to become and ‘exemplary’, ‘progressive’ and ‘inclusive’ company, KT&G strives to contribute to customers, shareholders, society and the nation. To this end, KT&G set forth the Code of Conduct and the Code of Ethics for each and every employee to follow in taking proper actions and making value judgements. These guiding principles drive KT&G’s endeavors to undertake a wide range of business ehtics activities to improve employee’s ehthics awareness and encourage their implementation, fulfilling the Company’s social responsibility towards all stakeholders.

Ethical management standards

Ethical management organization

At KT&G, intitiatives are undertaken to establish a corporate culture of ethical management under the supervision of the Sustainability Management Headquarters to assist employees in developing proactive ethics.

Ethical Management Practice Programs

Diverse programs such as an ethics oath, sexual harassment prevention activities, and the Think Twice campaign are continuously operated for KT&G personnel to establish ethical management.

Pledge on Ethical Conduct

All employees sign the ‘Pledge on Ethical Conduct’ each year to be fully aware of the Code of Conduct and vow their compliance with KT&G’s ethical management

Sexual Harassment Prevention Program

Stipulate employee’s obligation to prohibit and prevent sexual harassment in the rules of employment based on anti-sexual harassment measures Provide training each year for all employees

Think Twice Campaign

Conduct the Think Twice campaign to encourage employees to abide by ethical standards to prevent ethics incidents from occurring at the company level

Training on ethical management

Provide ethical management training to new hires and executives/managers to establish regulatory compliance and ethical management

Dissemination of ethical management to stakeholders

Create ‘special provisions on business ethics’ with contract parties and add them to the contract in concluding business contracts Survey stakeholders to monitor their satisfaction with doing business with KT&G as well as employees’ unethical practices

Channel for Reporting Unethical Practices

KT&G operates an unethical practice reporting system to establish business transparency and ethics.
If you report any unethical behaviors related to KT&G employees, we will take proper measures and reporterts will be protected.

Unethical Practice Reporting Channel
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