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Shareholder Structure

  • Foreigners
  • Domestic Individuals and Institutional Investors
  • Treasury Shares
  • National Pension Service
  • ESOP
As of December 31, 2021
35.6% 40.5% 12.6% 8.5% 2.8%
Total Shares 137,292,497

Total Shares Issued

Category Ordinary Shares Preferred Shares
  • FY2021 137,292,497 -
  • FY2020 137,292,497 -
  • FY2019 137,292,497 -
  • FY2018 137,292,497 -
  • FY2017 137,292,497 -

The 35th Annual General Meeting of Shareholders Results

제35기(2022년) 정기주주총회 의결권 행사 현황 및 결과
Total No. of voting shares 119,979,923
Shares present 85,057,693
Participation rate 70.9%
Agenda Approval rate Result
No.1 Approval of Financial Statements and Statement of Appropriation of Retained Earnings for the 35th Fiscal Year 85.96% Approval
No.2 Partial Amendments of the Articles of Incorporation 88.73% Approval
No.3 Appointment of Outside Directors (2 Nominees)
No.3-1 Appointment of Outside Director Kwan-soo, Shon 98.67% Approval
No.3-2 Appointment of Outside Director Jee-hee, Lee 99.22% Approval
No.4 Appointment of the Member of the Audit Committee (Kwan-soo, Shon) 98.69% Approval
No.5 Approval of the Ceiling Amount of Directors' Remuneration 84.92% Approval

Shares present: Total number of the common shares with voting rights represented at the opening of the Meeting (Agenda No.1) basis
(The number of common shares with voting rights for each resolution item at the Annual General Meeting of shareholders' may change according to relevant laws and regulations which may result in different numbers of voting shares available for each resolution. )

Whether to introduce concentrated voting system, system of voting in writing and electronic voting system

Category Whether to introduce Whether to introduce

  • Concentrated voting system Adopted
    • - Concentrated voting system is introduced through the modification of the Articles of Association at the time of regular stockholder’s meeting on 2001.3.23
    • - There must be right to claim appointment of director in accordance with the concentrated voting system for the stockholders with more than 1/100 of the total number of stocks issued with voting rights of the company and the stockholder wishing to exercise the said right must submit claim to the company in writing or electronic document at least 6 weeks prior to the date of stockholder’s meeting (in the case of regular stockholder’s meeting, the date of regular stockholder’s meeting in the immediately preceding year).
  • System of voting in writing Not adopted
  • Electronic voting system Adopted
    • - Adoption of the Electronic voting system to enhance convenience of shareholders’ exercise of voting rights by decision of Board of Directors on February 10th, 2022
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