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Social Responsibility
Sowing seeds of green in the world

KT&G pursues relentless self-innovation and continues to make progress in order to respond to the rapid market change and consumer expectations. KT&G is ceaselessly committed to R&D and investment to develop a wide array of products that cater to consumer preferences.

Focusing on New Future Growth Engine of Tobacco Business

KT&G has made it a top priority to provide better choices to consumers by expanding R&D investment and developing responsible products. To this end, we intend to establish a vision of a global top tier leap in the NGP market by 2025, and strengthen environmental/social responsibility activities on the value chain to build a sustainable growth foundation. To this end, we want to enhance future growth engines by securing world-class science capabilities and expanding our platform, and we plan to focus on increasing product eco-friendliness by developing eco-friendly materials and designing resource circulation.

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Major Activities and Achievements

KT&G has achieved continuous research performance based on the NGP infrastructure to establish a leading role and enter the global market. Also, KT&G aims to establish an independent platform by securing our patent rights. To that end, it is actively investing in domestic and foreign patents.

Amount of R&D Investment

Amount of R&D Investment Unit:KRW 1M 2017 - 16,098 / 2018 - 17,898 / 2019 - 23,401 Amount of R&D Investment Unit:KRW 1M 2017 - 16,098 / 2018 - 17,898 / 2019 - 23,401

NGP IP* Applications

* IP : Intellectual Property

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