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As a ‘Righteous company,’ KT&G

KT&G is fully committed to resolving universal ESG challenges facing humanity in the areas of society, environment & climate change, and economy to create a healthy industrial ecosystem for all stakeholders. The KT&G's board of directors decides and reviews ESG's related matters under the leadership of the entire board of directors for more systematic and advanced management of ESG. In the future, KT&G will continue to expand and strengthen the sustainability of its businesses based on a global level of ESG governance.

ESG Assessment Outcomes


KT&G deeply sympathizes with the importance of ESG management to enhance long-term corporate value of the company.
By maximizing financial performance as well as non-financial performance such as the environment, society, and governance,
We strive for sustainable management that is consistent with the global standards.
As a result, in 2021, it was awarded AA, an 'Industry Leader' rating by MSCI, an internationally renowned ESG evaluation agency.

ESG Rating History

ESG Rating History 2019 BBB, 2020 A, 2021 AA, 2022 AA

ESG Rating History 2019 BBB, 2020 A, 2021 AA, 2022 AA

Governance Assessment Results in 2021 (unit : %)

Global Percentile Rank 89, Home Market Percentile Rank 99

Global Percentile Rank 89, Home Market Percentile Rank 99

ESG Assessment Outcomes Logo

Moreover, KT&G has been awarded A+ for 2 years continuously, winning a ‘Grand Prize’ concerning the governance evaluation.
In the future, KT&G will make a constant effort to progress in moral way by communicating about sustainable future
management performance via KT&G Report or via the website of KT&G.

ESG Assessment Outcomes
2012~2017 2018~2019 2019
Recieved A Level(excellent grade)in the ESG Evaluation Recieved A+ Level (highest grade) in the ESG Evaluation for 2 consecutive years Awarded the ‘Grand Prize’ in the Governance Evaluation

ESG Assessment Outcomes
Year Overall Assessment E(Environment) S(Society) G(Governance)
2022 A A A+ A
2021 A A A+ A
2020 A B+ A+ A
2019 A+ B+ A+ A+

Sustainability Accounting Standards Board (SASB)


The SASB presents ESG reporting standards that reflect industry-specific characteristics for qualitative comparison of financial and ESG performance across different industries. KT&G complies with the SASB standards in preparing the KT&G Report to make preemptive disclosures on the issues that the company faces as a tobacco manufacturer.

Sustainability Accounting Standards Board (SASB)
Next Generation Product Responsible Marketing and Labeling

KT&G is striving to satisfy diverse customer needs by developing high-quality products promptly based on product differentiation strategies in the e-cigarette segment which is emerging as a new platform to lead the future market

KT&G performs responsible and sustainable marketing in accordance with the tobacco related policies and regulations that were amended based on the FCTC of WHO

Climate Change Response (TCFD)

Climate Change Response (TCFD) Logo

KT&G aims to proactively respond and prepare for risks and opportunities caused by climate change. Based on the company-wide environmental management system, we actively participate in Global Initiatives related to climate change and promote activities for the reduction of GHG emissions and energy consumption.

UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

SDGs logo

KT&G endorses the UN ‘Sustainable Development Goals’ (SDGs), a set of common global goals intended to promote human prosperity and preserve the environment, and prepares the KT&G Report in accordance with pertinent standards.

Resolved local issues and
promoted shared growth

Created a good
working environment

Supported employees’
career development

Water conservation
through maintenance
of the high-temperature
water softeners

Operation of solar
power generation

Creation of
new recruitments /
supported supplier’s

Innovative product
developments through
improved products
and services

Established action
for climate change

Reinforcement of
compliance and
ethical management

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