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Who am I?

Municipal cigarette manufacturer, Sunhwaguk
Since 1883

I’ve always been here.
From long, long ago.

In fact, everything in the world starts with me.

Inventing instead of studying,
proving that, despite the setbacks, anything is possible.
Not everything happens right away, with a snap of your fingers.
Sometimes, words alone aren’t enough.
But if you add a little gravitational pull to

my resilience, insight, and ability to respond at a moment’s notice,
someday, perhaps in just a little while,
maybe even as soon as tomorrow,
I could be right in front of your eyes.

If you’d like to me meet, just imagine…
Who could I possibly be?

KT&G, Cigarette manufacturing industry
I dream.

I dream of being the best in technology and quality innovation.

The manufacturer name system

Putting my name on the line,
and becoming a key force
to lead group growth.

"Ranked No. 1 in NCSI Tobacco Manufacturing Industry
for 10 Consecutive Years "

The competition is growing more intense,
but the more hardship I face,
the stronger my will becomes,
shining the light of inspiration in the industry.

1:1 brand-manager management system
Operating profit (Unit: 100 million won) 13.1% increase

By dedicating professional managers to each brand,
we’re strengthening our products’ competitiveness.

Advanced, world-class automation equipment
Total quality management system

We compete with other global companies, and we’re second to none
with our advanced, world-class automation equipment.
From raw materials to distribution,
and a total of 42 rounds of exhaustive quality control,
we’re building a reputation of strong reliability.

Challenges facing Global KT&G

Of course, even while enduring the hard training,
I haven’t lost any flexibility.

We’re constantly innovating
to meet the ever-changing needs of future markets
and trends set by global consumers.

"U.S. corporations, Russian corporations, Turkish corporations, Indonesian corporation, Taiwanese corporation, China subsidiary
Three factories in Turkey, Russia, and Indonesia"

From the distant Americas,
across the blue Pacific Ocean,
through the hot deserts of the Middle East
to the extensive lands of Africa…

Has exported more than 480 brands to more than 110 countries
overseas sales (hundred million cigarettes)
Exported 48 billion cigarettes in 2020

As I come up against the whole world,
I continue to make my dreams a reality.

KGC Ginseng Factory
Hongsam [red ginseng] & healthcare business
I am growing.

I am growing
More quickly and more healthily,
with quality based on reliability…

Exports of over $100 million to more than 60 countries worldwide
Over 1,100 brand stores
KOREAN RED GINSENG EXTRACT EVERYTIME brand reaches 100 billion in sales
i-Pass Power / i-Pass H

Making products with 6-year-old red ginseng and other base ingredients that are good for the body,
Every second, every minute, and every day,
I bring more happiness for those around me.

GINIPET - Healthier choices for your pet / Red ginseng content 2.5%, (Basic product base)

For healthier living for more and more living things,
I am spreading the seeds
of a variety of beautiful products
across the entire world.


I’m growing as an integrated health business,
taking responsibility for the health of people around the world.

Natural raw material business

I’m even developing safer natural materials technologies,
contributing more to enhancing human lives and health.

Youngjin Pharmaceuticals
Pharmaceuticals/bio business
I fill up.

I fill up.
Based on an advanced operating system,
I create synergy between pharmaceuticals and biotech.

Manufacture and sale of high value-added specialty medicines

Using only the best staff and technologies,
I’m using science to help improve health
and achieve great things for life and humanity.

DENOGAN - Antipyretic analgesics
HAMONLAN SOLUTION - The nation’s first nutritional dietary fiber supplement

Bringing biotech to pharmaceuticals
And acquiring new expertise.

No. 2 in exports among certified pharmaceutical companies
A leading export-oriented company
Selected by the Ministry of Health and Welfare as an “Innovative Pharmaceutical Company”

In no time at all, we’ve achieved
top-level overseas export in the industry.

COSMOCOS, Healthy Living Business
I am blooming.

I am blooming.
By embracing challenge and change,
I am pioneering new paths

A leader in the Global Beauty industry, creating a new standard of beauty
Exported 280 items to 16 countries around the world

in our world,
reaching more and more people,
and creating beauty and value the world has never seen before.

Premier launch of road shop cosmetics

I myself am proof
that a beautiful future
Is born from beautiful people.

Real estate investment & development business
I am building.

I am building,
the kind of value
that everyone dreams about.
Everywhere I go,
I stoke creativity and imagination,
spreading happiness in the world.


I am leveraging old assets
and creating new revenue
and complex spaces
so that people can lead more
profitable and convenient lives.

Courtyard by Marriott Seoul Namdaemun

Through affiliated business ventures
with the worldwide hotel group Marriott,
I’m establishing comfortable hotels and resorts
that provide customers with only the best experiences.

Cultural arts activities
I am awakening.

SangSang Madang
SangSang Univ. / Scholarship foundation

I am awakening.
Although there are already a variety of
experience programs, spanning culture, art,
performances, exhibitions, and marketing…

And there are so many high-quality mentoring programs…

I am now awakening the desire to know unknown.
I am helping people find the passion to take on challenges,
spreading the enthusiasm for learning around the world.

Social contribution activities
I am sharing.

SangSang Fund - communication / empathy / management
Matching grant
Welfare foundation
SangSang Volunteer

I am sharing.
Dreaming of a future,
where I work together with my colleagues,
voluntarily raising monetary contributions.
We do it all for our neighbors in need,
with our love and heartfelt sincerity.

Global CSR - “SangSang Together” overseas activities

If we freely
share technology
and what’s in our hearts,
our happiness will spread
From today to tomorrow,
from people to nature,
and from our society to the world.

In this way,
I make real the things that are missing in the world.
I improve the things that exist, but are lacking.
I perfect the imperfect.
I bring new depths and meaning to things
for the sake of healthier, more beautiful lives
as I turn imagination into reality.

You saw it, right?
That’s what I am.

Talented People - I am C.E.O.
Challenge / Execute / Optimize

By taking on challenges, implementing new ideas, and cooperating with others,
I’ve become the best before I even realized.

Like me, dreaming, growing, filling up,
blooming, building, awakening, and sharing,
You can do it too.

It sounds simple, but that’s the way anyone can become great.
Now you know who I am, right?

Yesterday, my name was imagination,
but today, my name is reality.

The important thing is to act now, right away.
I’m talking about imagination—true and active imagination—together with meaningful work.
By imagining together, tomorrow will be a little better than today.

You thought it was over, didn’t you?
You didn’t expect this, did you?
What will be my name be tomorrow?

“Imagine, act, and see!”
Guide to the meaning of our corporate name KT&G and our business areas.
Learn about our history, corporate vision, business areas, management system, organizational structure, financial structure, tobacco business overseas and at home, and socially responsible activities
KT&G PR Video 'Imagine'
2017 International Business Award (IBA)
Gold prize of video
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