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Social Impact
Sowing seeds of green in the world

Social Contribution Value System

Recognizing the importance of corporate sustainability management, KT&G establishes and implements systematic strategies for community contribution with a focus on the department in charge of social contribution to realize the management philosophy of an “inclusive company”. Aligned with the “P-C-P (People-Community-Planet)” value framework, our social contribution strategy, we encourage personal development to facilitate social change and innovation (People); discover and resolve the issues of local community and seek win-win growth (Community); and are concerned with global issues and seek novel solutions (Planet). KT&G builds a better tomorrow by conducting social problem-solving activities encompassing all social classes.

KT&G Social Contribution Strategy

Sustainable Development of Corporate and Society
Imagine a better tomorrow

KT&G implements CSR
strategies aimed at realizing
our management philosophy
of “Inclusive Company”.

Based on the P-C-P model,
a value system from the
beneficiary’s perspective, KT&G
is carrying out various social
contribution activities for
a better tomorrow for people,
community, and planet.

Project Areas

Major Social Contribution Projects

Platform, Main Projects, Main Beneficiaries
Platform Main Projects Main Beneficiaries
KT&G Welfare Foundation
  • Low-income Group Support
  • Overseas Relief
  • Welfare Center Support
  • Volunteering Activities

Vulnerable social group

KT&G Scholarship Foundation
  • SangSang Scholarship
  • Culture & Art Scholarship
  • Restart Scholarship
  • Global Scholarship

Vulnerable social group

SangSang Planet
  • SangSang Summit
  • SangSang Start-up Camp
  • Social Venture Scale-up Program
  • Play & Network Program

Local communities, Stakeholders, Youth/University students

SangSang Fund
  • Donation Market, Donation Petition
  • Employee Volunteering Group
  • Other Public Services

Vulnerable social group, Local communities, Stakeholders

SangSang Madang
  • Discovering New Artists
  • Performance/Exhibition Support
  • Culture & Art-related Education

Local communities, New artists

SangSang Univ.
  • Culture & Art Program
  • SangSang Jiphyeonjeon
  • SangSang Marketing School
  • SangSang Friends

• Youth/University students

Support to Farmhouses
  • Volunteering for harvesting tobacco leaves
  • Supporting for additional profits
  • Improving welfare of farms

Local communities, Stakeholders, Farms

Environmental CSR
  • Improving smoking environment
  • Protecting marine ecosystem
  • Forestation
  • Biodiversity CSR

Local communities, Stakeholders

Global CSR
  • Indonesia SangSang Univ.
  • Korean Language Institute
  • Global disaster relief

Vulnerable social group, Local communities, Stakeholders


History of Major Social Contribution Activities

KT&G is conducting social contribution activities systematically for the sustainable development of the corporation and society from a long-term perspective. In addition, we are committed to fulfilling our responsibilities as a corporate citizen by creating shared values using our own unique methods.


Established KT&G Welfare Foundation
KT&G established KT&G Welfare Foundation to realize
advanced welfare of sharing happiness.


Opened KT&G SangSang Madang Hongdae
We opened SangSang Madang Hongdae, a culture complex,
in 2017 to support wide range of culture and art activities
and promote exchanges.


Launched Employee Volunteering Group SangSang Together
KT&G launched KT&G Employee Volunteering Group to solve
issues in local communities and widen support to neighbors
in need.


Established KT&G Scholarship Foundation
KT&G established KT&G Scholarship Foundation to create a
level playing field in education and provide stable education
opportunities to the marginalized class.


Established SangSang Univ.
We established SangSang Univ., a community of culture and
art for university students to share opportunities of learning,
exchanges and sharing.


Raised SangSang Fund
We raised SangSang Fund, KT&G’s signature donation
program based on employees’ voluntary donation and
matching grant system.


Opened KT&G SangSang Madang Nonsan
We opened experience-based culture space in the suburbs to
enjoy culture and art in natural surroundings.


Opened KT&G SangSang Madang Chuncheon
KT&G opened KT&G SangSang Madang Chuncheon, following the SangSang Madang
Hongdae and Nonsan, as a culture and art space in nature.


Awarded Presidential Award at MECENAT Grand Award for KT&G SangSang Madang
KT&G won the grand award at the 2015 MECENAT Awards in recognition of the efforts
to sponsor minor culture and art and expand cultural infrastructure through SangSang Madang


Expanded Social Contribution Organization
KT&G escalated organization responsible for social contribution from department level
to office level to beef up social contribution activities in a more professional manner


Launched Social Innovation Youth Startup Program
KT&G launched KT&G SangSang Start-up Camp with the goal to accelerate support for
youth start-up and drive paradigm shift towards “social innovation by solving social


Received Presidential Award for Merit in Law and Order
KT&G won Presidential Award for merit in law and order in recognition of sponsoring
KRW10 billion in public good initiatives for 20 years including Crime Prevention through
Environmental Design (CPTED).


Won Minister of Employment & Labor Award for Merit in Promoting Social Enterprises
KT&G won Minister of Employment & Labor Award in recognition for contribution to
fostering original social enterprises led by the private sector through the KT&G
SangSang Start-up Camp.


Opened KT&G SangSang Planet
KT&G opened SangSang Planet exclusively for startups in Seongsu-dong, the center of social ventures, in Seoul with the goal to promote youth startup ecosystem and lay the foundation for sponsoring youth startups.


Opened KT&G SangSang Madang Busan
KT&G opened KT&G SangSang Madang Busan in Seomyeon to build on sponsorship for culture and art and open up greater opportunities to experience local culture.


Won Presidential Award for Merit in Social Economy
KT&G won Presidential Award in the social economy and value category in recognition of
sponsoring youth start-ups and helping neighbors in need as part of the company’s social
contribution activities.


Won Presidential Award in Recognition of Contributing to Job Creation
KT&G received the Presidential Commendation in recognition of its contribution to youth employment promotion, including the operation of youth startup platforms such as SangSang Planet and SangSang Start-up Camp, a social venture fostering program.


KT&G Sangsangmadang Receives Presidential Award for Patronage of the Arts
KT&G Sangsangmadang Receives Presidential Award for Patronage of the Arts KT&G has been awarded the prestigious Presidential Award for the second time since 2015 for its contributions to expanding the national cultural infrastructure and fostering community symbiosis by opening additional Sangsangmadang in Busan, a complex cultural and artistic space.
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