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KT&G social contribution value system

KT&G strives to make positive changes in the society for ‘sustainable growth of companies and the society’. Through the platform internalized with core competences of KT&G, we plan and operate various social contribution programs. Henceforth, KT&G will endeavor to effectively allocate opportunities to social members and create a better tomorrow for the society.

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플랫폼, 주요 사업, 주요 수혜자으로 구성된 테이블입니다.
Platform Main Projects Main Beneficiaries
Sangsang Planet
  • ·  SangSang Summit
  • ·  SangSang Start-up Camp
  • ·  Social ventures Scale-Up Program
  • ·  Play & Network Program
Local communities, Stakeholders, Youth/University students
Sangsang Madang
  • ·  Discovering new artists
  • ·  Performances/exhibitions support
  • ·  Culture & arts-related education
Local communities, New artists
Sangsang Fund
  • ·  Donation petition
  • ·  Employee volunteering group
  • ·  Donation Market
  • ·  Other public services
Vulnerable social group,
Local communities, Stakeholders
Social Responsibility
  • ·  Global CSR
  • ·  Tobacco farm support
  • ·  Smoking environment improvement
  • ·  Environmental CSR
Local communities, Stakeholders
Sangsang University
  • ·  Culture & arts program
  • ·  University students executives
  • ·  Job search assistance program
Youth/University students
Welfare Foundation
  • ·  Low-income group support
  • ·  Overseas relief
  • ·  Welfare center support
  • ·  Volunteering activities
Vulnerable social group
Scholarship Foundation
  • ·  SangSang Schoalrship
  • ·  Arts & Athletics Scholarship
  • ·  RESTART Scholarship
  • ·  Global Scholarship
Vulnerable social group

CSR Record of Prizes won

Mecenat Awards

Grand Prize awarded by the President of Korea for Mecenat 2016

Contribution of KT&G Sangsang Madang to Culture & Arts development and improvement of art experience of the public was recognized.

Major awards좌우이동하면 화면을볼수있습니다. 2007 ~ Present

Record of Prizes won
Year M Awards field Subject
2022 12 2022 Presidential Award for ‘Job Creation Credit’ Ministry of Employment and Labor (MOEL)
11 2022 Ministerial Award for ‘Company Growth Commendation’ Ministry of SMEs and Startups
2021 11 2021 ‘Mecenat Award for Cultural Contribution’ Commendation from the Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism (KT&G Scholarship Foundation) Korea Mecenat Association
7 ‘People of Social Economy Merit’ Presidential Award Ministry of Economy and Finance
2020 12 Received the KOTRA President Award for Contribution to Sustainability Management in 2020 (KT&G Indonesia) Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy
2019 7 Received 'Social enterprise promotion' the Minister's Award in 2019 Ministry of Employment and Labor
2018 12 2018 Awarded the Presidential Prize for ‘Contributing to Law and Order’ Ministry of Justice
2018 12 2018 Consumer Satisfaction Evaluation – Grand Prize for Complex cultural space Korea Consumer Appraisal
2017 12 2017 Consumer Satisfaction Evaluation – Grand Prize for Complex cultural space Korea Consumer Appraisal
2016 12 Consumer Satisfaction Evaluation 2016 – Grand Prize for Performing Culture Korea Consumer Appraisal,
Korea Consumer Association
2016 11 Best Culture & Arts Support Organization Certified Year 2016 Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism
2015 11 ‘Mecenat Grand Award’. Awarded by the President of Korea Korea Mecenat Association
2013   Incorporated into DJSI-World
(for four consecutive years)
Korea Productivity Center, DJSI, etc.
2010 11 Received Cultural Contribution Awards Korea Mecenat Association
2009 12 Implemented 2009 Seoul culture and art visits through partnership between Sangsang Madang and the Seoul Foundation for Arts and Culture (2008.11~2009.12), received a plaque of appreciation Seoul Foundation for Arts and Culture
11 Received the grand prize in the sector of culture and art in the 2009 Social Contribution Corporate Awards The Korea Economic Daily
10 Best company certification, DJSI Korea Korea Productivity Center, DJSI, etc
9 Received a plaque of appreciation for the donation of proceeds from Sangsang Madang Sangsang Festa The Beautiful Foundation
2008 11 Received a plaque of appreciation for Seoul Culture and Art Tour Seoul Foundation for Arts and Culture
11 Received a plaque of appreciation for the donation of funds for “fruits of love” Community Chest of Korea
6 Received the grand prize in the sector of national welfare support in the 2008 CSR Korea Award Korea Journalist Forum
6 Received a plaque of appreciation for support for the 2008 Seoul Cup National Disabled Persons’ Shooting Competition Seoul Disabled Persons’ Shooting Federation
2007 10 Received a plaque of appreciation for contributions to the relief of human hardship and enhancement of welfare Korean Red Cross

CSR History

We will do our best to fulfill our social responsibilities as a corporate citizen. KT&G is pursuing continuous and creative social contribution activities to reward various stakeholders including the local community and customers.

  • 2003. 07 Established the KT&G Welfare Foundation

    The KT&G Welfare Foundation was established to 'realize advanced welfare allowing everyone to share the gift of happiness'. Through this, we are continuously promoting stable social welfare projects for those in need of a helping hand.

  • 2007. 09 Opened KT&G Sangsang Madang Hongdae

    KT&G Sangsang Madang started as an online community in 2005. In 2007, Sangsang Madang Hongdae, a cultural complex, was opened to support various artistic activities and revitalize exchanges.

  • 2007. 10 Launched the Sangsang Together Employee Volunteer Group

    The KT&G's Employee Volunteer Group, which was launched to solve problems in local communities, is expanding its scope not only to voluntary service for underprivileged groups, such as food provision and house repair services, but also to environmental cleanup and support for leaf tobacco farms.

  • 2008. 06 Established the KT&G Scholarship Foundation

    The KT&G Scholarship Foundation was established to resolve academic imbalances and provide stable educational opportunities for underprivileged groups in education, and it continues to implement scholarship programs to cultivate future talents.

  • 2010. 04 Established Sangsang Univ.

    In order to provide more systematic support to college students, the future of our society, we established the culture and art community 'Sangsang Univ.’. Sangsang Univ. is growing into a comprehensive community that provides opportunities for learning, exchange, and sharing in various fields such as culture, art, life, and career.

  • 2011. 03 Created Sangsang Fund

    A matching grant system was introduced so that employees can participate in voluntary donations and get a sense of reward for good deeds, and KT&G's representative donation system, the 'Sangsang Fund' was also created.

  • 2014. 04 Opened KT&G Sangsang Madang Chuncheon

    Following Sangsang Madang Hongdae and Nonsan, KT&G Sangsang Madang Chuncheon, a cultural and artistic space in nature, was opened. Sangsangmadang Chuncheon provides opportunities for cultural healing to city residents.

  • 2015. 11 KT&G Sangsang Madang Mecenat Awards, Presidential Award

    KT&G received the grand prize at the '2015 Mecenat Awards' in recognition of its efforts to support non-mainstream culture and arts and expand cultural infrastructure through the complex cultural space 'Sangsang Madang'.

  • 2016. 02 Expansion of KT&G social contribution organization

    For more professional social contribution activities, KT&G upgraded the level of responsible organization from department to office.

  • 2017. 10 Established the Social Innovation Youth Entrepreneurship Program

    We launched the 'KT&G Sangsang Start-up Camp' in order to make a paradigm shift towards 'social innovation through social problem solving' by initiating support for youth startups, which has been continuing since 2004.

  • 2018. 12 Awarded the presidential prize in the field of merit in law and order

    In order to create a safe and healthy Republic of Korea, we have provided approximately 10 billion KRW in sponsorship over 20 years for public service projects such as the 'Crime Prevention through Environmental Design (CPTED)’ project. In 2018, KT&G was recognized for its contributions and was awarded the Presidential Citation for 'Contributing to Law and Order'.

  • 2019. 07 Awarded by the Minister of Employment and Labor in the field of social enterprise promotion

    We have provided 3 billion KRW over three years through the 'KT&G Sangsang Start-up Camp' launched in 2017. In 2019, KT&G was recognized for its unique privately-led social enterprise training course, and was awarded the Minister of Employment and Labor Citation.

  • 2020. 07 Opened Sangsang Planet

    In order to revitalize the youth entrepreneurship ecosystem and lay the foundation for KT&G’s youth entrepreneurship support projects, we launched 'Imagination Planet', a space dedicated to startups in Seongsu-dong, Seoul, the mecca of social ventures.

  • 2020. 09 Opened Sangsang Madang Busan

    KT&G, which has provided a wide range of cultural experiences to the public through Sangsang Madang, opened the complex cultural space 'KT&G Sangsang Madang Busan' in Seomyeon, Busan to strengthen support for culture and arts and expand opportunities for cultural enjoyment in Busan.

  • 2021. 07 Presidential Prize for Social Economy Excellence

    KT&G was awarded the Presidential Citation for social value creation the field of social economy merit in recognition of its contributions to social contribution projects, such as support for youth startups and support for Vulnerable social groups.

  • 2022. 12 Presidential Award Commendation for ‘Job Creation Credit’

    We were honored the Presidential Award in appreciation of our part in helping the youth employment advancement division, as well as the movement of youth Startup platforms, such as Sangsang Planet and the advancement of social enterprise expansion program Sangsang Startup Camp.

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