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KT&G is committed to helping those who need social care to live with hope in the future strive to provide more opportunities and resources. KT&G established the Welfare / Scholarship Foundation to support stable social welfare. KT&G Welfare Foundation is continuing to provide support in many places where help is needed, and we are also actively carrying out volunteer service and overseas relief activities at home and abroad.
KT&G Scholarship Foundation strives to nurture future talent in Korea through various scholarship programs and various specialization scholarship projects.

KT&G Welfare Foundation

The KT&G Welfare Foundation continue to promote economic support projects for stabilizing the basic living of low-income people who need social care such as children, the elderly, and the disabled, emotional support projects for enhancing the quality of life and overseas relief projects for solving global social problems, aiming at realizing advanced welfare that shares happiness together.

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Support for the underprivileged

The KT&G Welfare Foundation has eight welfare centers in Seoul and the metropolitan area. We provide basic living support projects for the underprivileged, including child learning and book support, elderly dining and kimchi / winter goods support. In addition, to increase the satisfaction of life of the social care class, we are carrying out a variety of emotional support projects such as the table tennis contest for the elderly, literary prize for the elderly, etc.

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Volunteer Activities

The KT&G Welfare Foundation regularly carries out volunteer activities with college students volunteer clubs, centering on the volunteer center ‘&ter'. In addition to domestic services such as mural painting service and Bukhansan ecological restoration activity, we are delivering the meaning of true service to university students through overseas services in Cambodia and others.

Welfare Institution Support Projects

The KT&G Welfare Foundation strives to support necessary items to welfare institutions such as facilities and light-weight vehicles in order to strengthen the field implementation capability and improve the function of the welfare business. In particular, the Welfare Foundation is proud of its vehicle support business. Since 2004, we have supported 100 cars with excellent maneuverability and economic efficiency. (Total of 1,800 cars supported in 2020)

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Overseas Relief Projects

The KT & G Welfare Foundation is actively carrying out overseas relief projects in areas that need humanitarian assistance such as poverty, education, and health in the international community. In Cambodia and Myanmar, we will continue to provide support for future generations, such as building elementary schools and libraries, and building agroforestry centers in Mongolia. I'm working hard.

KT&G Scholarship Foundation

The KT&G Scholarship Foundation was established in 2008 to contribute to strengthening national competitiveness through practice of management philosophy and creative talent development. We are pursuing specialization / characterization of KT & G scholarship foundation through various scholarship programs such as arts and physical education as well as a scholarship programs targeting education-underserved classes.

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Sangsang Scholarship Program

The KT&G Scholarship Foundation provides a stable educational environment for the underprivileged talents.

Sangsang restart scholarship Program

The KT&G Scholarship Foundation is provide support for facility-care youths' academic / employment / start-ups, so that they can become self-reliant and grow up as sound youths.

Global Scholarship Program

The KT&G Scholarship Foundation is conducting a global scholarship program to cultivate overseas / low-income talents in order to keep up with the global era.

Performing Arts Specialist Scholarship Program

The KT&G Scholarship Foundation is promoting cultural talents through the selection and support of youths with outstanding talents in the field of culture and arts.

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