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Sangsang Univ. is a university student community for generation of social values through the utilization of the creativity of youth and is one of unparalleled and differentiated CSR programs of KT&G. It is an external activity community of university students of KT&G to assist with their true self-growth through the provision of opportunities for diversified experiences and exchanges to the university students experiencing arduous life due to excessive personal specification competition within the campus. Through the execution of programs (classes/event days, etc.) at 13 regions throughout the country, we are discovering new possibilities and providing the venue for exchanges through which the university students can share new memories with other students by enabling them to express their imaginations as follows. ('Sangsang' means imangination in Korean)

External activities community of university students

Sangsang community that encourages passion and challenges

Sangsang Univ. is a part of creative social contributions that KT&G is pursuing that began with considerations on what is the most essential support that university students, the future of our society, need. Sangsang Univ., which began as a culture & arts community of university students in the spring of 2010, has been undergoing growth as an integrated community that accommodates searches and preparations for future career and social contribution activities by providing opportunities for learning, interaction and sharing in diversified domains centered-around culture and arts. KT&G passionately believes that free imagination and new sensibilities of university students will make our society we live in together more affluent.

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Venue for self-growth, Sangsang Univ.
Sangsang Univ. is providing opportunities for students to achieve further growth through various programs. As such, we are providing permanent opportunities for self-growth that university students, who are experiencing arduous life due to excessive personal specification competition within the campus, have difficulties in accessing throughout the country throughout the year through provision of programs composed of diversified contents.
Venue for exchange, Sangsang Univ.
Sangsang Univ. is providing opportunities for the university students to interact with each other through networking. As such, we are providing not only simple participation in programs but also venue for exchange through which university students can share the results of their self-development or new memories with other students.
Cultural venue for university students, Sangsang Univ. Atelier
It is a cultural venue for exclusive use by university for execution of Sangsang Univ. programs. Any university students who are members of Sangsang Univ. can use Sangsang Univ. Atelier situated in 13 cities in Korea for free simply by submitting simple application for rental.


Representative festival based on social values pursued by Sangsang Univ.

Unique festival of Sangsang Univ. that encompasses extensive range of Connect, Voluntary and Step-up contents.


Participation type program for internalization of one’s capabilities by creation and direct experiences of cultural infrastructure by youth themselves.

Marketing School
It is a differentiated educational market program of KT&G Sangsang Univ. that commenced to enable realization of marketing imagination of university students. It is executed in 6 regions in Korea (Seoul, Busan, Daejeon, Suwon, Gwangju and Daegu) simultaneously.
‘Capability internalization program’ for participants through dance, band, vocal and rap-oriented tournament experiences.
Fashion Runway
‘Urban culture and arts program’ to draw out reactivation of depressed regions by youths dreaming of the career as fashion designer and model.


Altruistic campaign program for realization of social values

Working activity enjoyed by the participants becoming villains and while executing missions.
Campus attack quiz show to solve quizzes as well as social problems.


Program that enables participants to interact while discovering new possibilities through expression of their imaginations at the same time.

Culture and Arts
Diversified programs centered-around culture and arts aimed at awakening new sensibilities and possibilities including vocals, band, theatrical play, crafts, and cooking, etc.

Event day

Program to create a special day through new encounters and experiences

Activity Day
One-day program that enables participant to spend a special day through provision of active contents such as party, performance, exhibition, experiences, and DIY, etc.

Afters Lounge

Program for youths who have undergone the programs of Sangsang Univ. during university years and staring their social working life

Career Dining
Special healing dining program for the youths fatigued with preparations for employment with their senior alumni members current working in the society.
Charity Night
Charity party aimed at good-natured social value (noblesse oblige) while enjoying party.

University student management group

University student group that leads Sangsang Univ. for activities in diversified areas including on and offline promotion and volunteer services, etc.

Sangsang friends
University student planning group that plans and operates diversified programs of Sangsang Univ.
Sangsang creator
University student creators who plan and produce online contents for Sangsang Univ.
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