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Sowing seeds of green in the world

SangSang Univ.

An Incubating Platform for Endlessly Cultivating the Imagination of the People in Their 20s

Sangsang Univ. is a community dedicated to fostering the imagination of people in their 20s. KT&G supports university students across 13 regions nationwide who are challenged by competitive academic environments on campuses, offering them opportunities for learning, growth, and interaction. This initiative enables them to create a healthy culture of their own. Moving forward, Sangsang Univ. aspires to evolve into a genuine community for people in their 20s, expanding its reach beyond university students to include all young adults in this age group.

Overview of SangSang Univ.

Major Achievements of SangSang Univ. in 2023

  • Future Marketing Expert Training Program 'Sangsang Marketing School'

    Under the motto of 'nurturing young and capable future marketing experts,' Sangsang Univ. has been running the 'Sangsang Marketing School' since 2010. In 2023, 800 university students participated in this program, attending online courses covering practical marketing trends and case studies. They then undertook missions to propose marketing strategies for businesses. The top 80 participants from 11 regions who advanced to the finals participated in the 'Marketing Hackathon' held at KT&G's Talent Development Center, where they developed marketing plans and presentations, furthering their growth as prospective marketers.

  • University Student ESG Design Creation Program 'Sangsang Blue Pavilion'

    The 'Sangsang Blue Pavilion' is a program where students create pavilions (sculptures) that convey environmental conservation messages using ocean waste. Launched in 2023, the program saw 15 student teams participate in a design idea presentation. The final five selected teams attended a pavilion-making camp in Jeju, where they used sea glass and fishing gear collected from Jeju beaches to construct pavilions. These were displayed at Buksugu Square in Jeju City and later repurposed into benches and notice boards, delivering a powerful message about the seriousness of environmental pollution and the importance of conservation.

  • Representative University Student Organizers 'Sangsang Friends'

    Since its inception in 2010, Sangsang Friends has been acting as 'local communicators' in various regions, directly planning and implementing programs that incorporate local assets. In 2023, about 165 members from 11 regions nationwide participated in planning and managing Sangsang Univ. programs focused on local communities and the environment. Any currently enrolled or on-leave university student nationwide can apply to join Sangsang Friends and directly plan and realize Sangsang Univ.'s programs.

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