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History of Overseas Expansion

KT&G has established local plants and is manufacturing and distributing main brands such as ESSE and PINE in order to smoothly supply tobacco for export to nearby and other countries. KT&G is taking part in vitalizing local economies by hiring local workers.

History of KT&G's
overseas expansion

143 Country

Cigarettes+NGP sticks, Exports to around 143 countries (2023.12)

Brand 717

Exports to about 717 brands (2023.12)

8 Awards

$800 million Awarded Export Tower
(2017, Korea International Trade Association)

Global Record 613

Cigarettes 53.1 billion + NGP sticks 8.2 billion
(2023 annual basis)

Overseas Employment

Local Employees 5,184 people Contributed to the creation of overseas employment (2024.01)

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