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KT&G unsparingly supports culture and arts so that they can be enjoyed by everybody in life, and not by only special persons. In particular, KT&G supports pure culture that is relatively less supported through Sangsang Madang and the Sangsang Art Hall. Through open spaces where people communicate with culture, Sangsang Madang, Sangsang Art Hall, and Sangsang Univ., KT&G makes places where people can cultivate an artistic imagination, meet the world to share, and become happy.

Operation of Sangsang Madang

Composite cultural space

Sangsang Madang, operated as part of KT&G’s Mecenat activities, is a representative composite culture and art space where the number of annual visitors reaches 150,000, with diverse programs such as performances, exhibitions, festivals, experiences, and cultural and art education programs. KT&G is making efforts to form cultural ecosystems through actual communication-oriented support that is differentiated from businesses’ ordinary cultural activity support. This space provides opportunities to realize people’s imaginations as creators and provides an environment where new ideas and fresh culture and arts can be accessed to be enjoyed. This is also a space where creators and enjoyers can exchange and communicate with each other to realize the imagination of today as a reality.

History of Sangsang Madang

Sangsang Madang Hongdae

A composite cultural space where people communicate, where the boundaries between pop culture and non-mainstream culture are crossed

This is a composite cultural space located on Picasso Street in the vicinity of Hongik University with four underground floors and seven above-ground floors in which spaces for diverse artistic activities and exchanges are prepared, including theaters, performance halls, specialized design shops, galleries, academies, studios, and cafés. The purpose of its establishment is to support artists’ culture and art-creating activities and provide opportunities to enjoy a wide variety of cultures, and this place posts and shares trends in diverse areas through spaces planned for many uses, thereby contributing to making new cultures.

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Sangsang Madang Busan

Culture and art space of communication located in Seomyeon, Busan's largest downtown area

Opened in Seomyeon, the center of Busan, KT&G Sangsang Madang Busan comprises 13 stories above the ground and 5 stories below the ground with a total floor area of approximately 20,000m², the largest among Sangsang Madang currently being operated. It is a space that prioritizes support for artists and fun for the public from space design to partner selection and local collaboration. From the 1st to 5th floors, cafes, design stores, performance halls, and galleries are arranged under the theme of 'PLAY', and on the 5th and 6th floors, there are creative spaces for single creators and a startup support space for startups in Busan centered on the theme of 'CO-WORK'. The 7th to 13th floors are spaces based on the theme of ‘REFRESH’, with accommodation facilities, a movie theater (to be entered), and rooftop garden, to enable all visitors to enjoy culture and relaxation.

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Sangsang Madang Nonsan

Suburban-type experimental culture space for experiencing various culture and arts and stimulating the imagination

This is a composite cultural space for the experience of culture and arts that was formed by remodeling Hancheon Elementary School. This place consists of a total of nine buildings equipped with a gallery, an art hall, a café, accommodations, educational spaces, a restaurant, and a mini swimming pool. With programs that diffuse the affirmation that culture and arts have the power to change the lives of all of us and the value of challenge, Sangsang Madang Nonsan adds diversity to the cultural topography of the region and supplements infrastructure lacking in the region, thereby contributing to the enjoyment of culture and arts.

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Sangsang Madang Chuncheon

A cultural space in nature where people stay to enjoy culture and arts and achieve their dreams

This is a composite cultural space made by remodeling the Chuncheon-si Children’s Hall and the Gangwon Sports Center, located at the lakeside of Euiamho Lake, and is thus surrounded by a beautiful landscape. This place is divided into spaces for cultural and artistic activities and is equipped with a performance hall, a live studio, a gallery, a lecture room, a café, and special lodging spaces equipped with guest rooms, music practice rooms, performance art practice rooms, and seminar rooms. KT&G Sangsang Madang Chuncheon is intended to provide opportunities for culture and art creation and enjoyment to both artists and general people, thereby making new and diverse cultures.

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Sangsang Madang Daechi

A performance hall specializing in culture and arts

KT&G Sangsangmadang Daechi Art Hall opened in November 2006 as a performance hall with a capacity of 420 seats on the 3rd floor of the KT&G Tower near Gangnam Samsung Station. KT&G Sangsangmadang Daechi Art Hall is a professional theater where performances of various genres such as drama, concert and musical can be performed. It is also a place where theaters such as <Liar>, <Chrysanthemum Flower Scent>, <For You Only>, and concerts Such <Son Ho Young> <Broccoli You Too>, and musicals such as <Headwig>, <Toxic Hero>, <Without you> were introduced. We also open opportunities to introduce new experimental works. Sangsangmadang Daechi Arthall strives to be the art hall that puts the satisfaction of the audience at the forefront with the best facilities and services.

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