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KT&G will maintain and develop social contribution activities systematically.
KT&G is carrying out differentiated social contribution activities.
Representative activities include the Young Entrepreneurship Support Project, the Sangsang Fund, and the Sangsang Madang.
Through these efforts, we will fulfill our responsibilities as a corporate citizen.
We are also implementing social responsibilities related to our business, such as establishing an advanced smoking culture that cares about each other. We are also organically cooperating with outside professional organizations to ensure effectiveness and sustainability.

Sangsang Fund

The KT&G Sangsang Fund, which was established in March 2011 through the voluntary participation of employees, is created by matching employee contributions with corporate contributions at a 1:1 ratio. The Sangsang Fund, which will reach a total of KRW 39.9 billion by 2022, is used to assist the disadvantaged and address pressing social issues, and the 'Sangsang Fund Steering Committee', which consists of general employees, executes all donations in a transparent manner.

Sangsang Fund Decision by Fund Operation Committee
  • Donation Petition System

    The donation petition system, which began in 2013, is a system in which executives and employees independently discover stories and propose causes for donation. It is an employee-led donation system that provides support through the Social Contribution Department's due diligence and the contributions of more than 200 employees. Approximately KRW 750 million has been donated to 60 causes as of 2022.

  • Donation Market

    The Donation Market, which was introduced in 2015, is a participatory donation system in which employees directly select causes to donate to from among those recommended by the Happy Bean Foundation and the KT&G Welfare Foundation. As of 2022, approximately KRW 5.4 billion has been donated, including funds for medical expenses for the socially disadvantaged and international aid.

Global CSR

As a global corporate citizen, KT&G participates in solving local social problems such as education, housing, and environment in major and underdeveloped countries. We are implementing the management philosophy of "Inclusive Company" globally with customized CSR that takes into account the uniqueness of each country, including overseas relief, global scholarship projects, cultural exchanges, and dispatch of overseas volunteer groups. In particular, we are striving to develop capacity and create jobs for local young people, such as the operation of Sangsang Univ. Indonesia.

Global CSR Performance Global CSR Performance

Indonesia CSR Activities

KT&G is fulfilling its corporate social responsibilities by coexisting with local communities through various social contribution activities such as competency development for young people, job creation, and promotion of Korean-Indian cultural exchange in Indonesia, a country to which KT&G has expanded business.

Employee Volunteers

The KT&G Employee Volunteer Group was founded in October 2007 and is currently divided into 20 organizations and 158 volunteer groups nationwide.

The Employee Volunteer Group conducts various volunteer activities based on the characteristics of each institution, such as free meals for underprivileged neighbors in the region, cleaning up the environment of local communities, year-end kimchi making and briquette sharing events, and home repair service for low-income families.

Social Responsibility Project - Smoking environment improvement

  • Advanced Smoking Culture Settlement Campaign

    KT&G is striving to create a social culture of mutual respect in which smokers and non-smokers coexist through public service activities related to joint business.
    In particular, in order to resolve the social conflicts caused by the expansion of smoking cessation areas, we are making efforts to support the installation of smoking rooms around multi-use facilities in consultation with local governments and public institutions.

    Smoking environment improvement

    • · About 370 smoking rooms in large public facilities such as airports
    • · To improve the environment of public facilities, an average of around 100 common trash cans are installed annually in multi-use facilities such as transportation facilities.

    Smoking Etiquette Public Advertising

    • Smoking room ('07 ~), Weekly magazine ('08),
      Smoking Etiquette Pictogram on the cigarette pack ('08 ~),
      Smoking Etiquette Campaign "Ssudam Ssudam campaign" ('20~)

    Portable ashtray making / distributing

    • Seoul City 'Clean Street Campaign', Environmental NGO support, Seoul Tollgate basic order keeping campaign etc.

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