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To become a transparent, righteous company

A company that realizes imagination to make a better life together

Based on principle business management that is righteous management leaping into the future, KT&G imagines and strives to realize a better life,together with customers, as an “exemplary” “progressive” and “inclusive” company.


A company that expects even more tomorrow, KT&G

KT&G has gained a competitive advantage in the market through change and innovation, and is growing into a global giant company by leaping into the world market beyond Korea. In addition, it is trying to become a company that helps society through its various social contribution activities and is fulfilling its environmental responsibility by, for example, developing eco-friendly products and through resource and energy savings.

Establishment date of KT&G
Revenue (2021 Consolidated,
Unit: 100 million won)
Number of employees (2021.12)
Employees volunteer time (2013~2021)

KT&G is achieving development in various business areas

KT&G is leading domestic pharmaceutical technology via its BIO and Health & Beauty businesses, trying to be of help to Koreans in health and beauty andtaking part in the nation’s economic development by expanding global business. We will fulfill our responsibility and duty as Korea’s representative company by vitalizing the related industry ecosystem.

Manufacturing and
distribution of tobacco
Health Food
Manufacturing and distribution of red ginseng, red ginseng products and other health foods
Food and Beverages
Manufacturing and distribution of food and beverages
Leaf tobacco
cultivation support
Leaf tobacco cultivation support
Medicine and medical supplies, over-the-counter medicines, etc.
Development, manufacturing and distribution of drugs, bio-pharmaceuticals, over-the-counter medicines and medical supplies and equipment
Tobacco Materials
Manufacturing and distribution of materials related to the tobacco business
Trading Industry
Real Estate Industry
Real estate business, leasing business, housing business

Adding the infinite value of imagination

KT&G aims for balanced value that fulfills customer’s trust and love through “wise insight” that balances rational values(“technology” and “quality” based on “innovation” and “rationality”, initiative and leadership) with emotional values that cherish “challenge” and “passion.”

1Company Name
Company Name KT&G
Korean Name 주식회사 케이티앤지
2Philosophy and Motif
seed logo

Infinity connotes the purpose of the KT&G group, with the group ceaselessly creating and expanding valuesThe seed stimulates association with the infinity sign, with boundless possibilities, symbolizing no limits.

3Meaning of Color
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- seed 1 Rational aspect seed 2 Emotional aspect seed 3 Balance
Company objectives There is a need to have innovative and strategic rational aspects in order to create values that are different from others.
For the KT&G group, such aspects are creativity and a desirable corporate mind, wishing to be faithful to social reason.
In order to develop possibilities into infinite value, need to have an emotional aspect that challenges small possibilities and wishes to accomplish these small possibilities.
For the KT&G group, that is our passion and togetherness mindset.
In order to create meaningful values for customers, a wise center that can balance rationality and emotion is also needed.
For the KT&G group, such a center is a wise insight.
Meaning of colors Creativity with rational aspects is shown with the colors blue and green, which represent innovation and rationality, trust and the future. The passion for the emotional aspect is shown with the orange and red colors, which represent challenge and passion, warmth and joy. A wise insight as a balance between the rational and emotional aspects is shown in the color gray, which represents wisdom and faithfulness.
Capacity to retain
related aspects
For the rational aspect, the KT&G group has technology and quality, momentum and leadership, innovation and professionalism, and growth and profitability. For the emotional aspect, the KT&G group has a people-centered corporate culture, a research spirit that challenges minds, pride and initiative, and affection for nature and humans. For the balance aspect, the KT&G group has the customers’ trust and love, the best quality, and an orientation toward sincere value and the future in mind.
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