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The KT&G Scholarship Foundation provides opportunities for education to students that have excellent personal capacities but cannot receive further education due to economic conditions, etc., thereby contributing to the cultivation of those talents, which are socially necessary.

Sangsang scholarship project

Scholarship projects by area

To implement KT&G’s management philosophy of “a company that shares with customers,” and to contribute to the reinforcement of national competitiveness through the cultivation of creative talents, KT&G established the KT&G Scholarship Foundation in 2008 and has been continuously implementing scholarship projects aimed at the cultivation of healthy society members and excellent talents.

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Middle/High school Sangsang scholarship students

Selects children from socially considered classes that are in poor economic conditions but have excellent learning abilities as scholarship students and supports them in all learning-related activities

University Sangsang scholarship students

Selects excellent scholarship students from among those who have entered a university so that high school Sangsang scholarship students can continue stable learning processes even after graduation

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