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The KT&G Welfare Foundation is a social welfare corporation established to further systematize KT&G’s social contribution projects that pursues the diffusion or sharing culture and the coexistence of businesses and society.

Social welfare projects

Region contact type welfare projects

Established in July 2003, the KT&G Welfare Foundation performs such activities as social welfare, volunteer work, and Internet welfare projects for elderly persons, children, and immigrants, thereby providing specialized welfare services. KT&G has operated eight welfare centers in Seoul and the capital area firsthand to prepare a base for the continuous implementation of welfare projects and has constructed private-public cooperation networks to deliver sharing hands to neglected neighbors and communities that desperately require welfare services.

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Elderly persons’ welfare
  • - Dietary life support project: periodic supply of food such as nutritious meals (porridge, soup), side dishes, and diabetic diets (approximately 2,500 households per year)
  • - Winter living support project: Support for preparing kimchi for the winter and for room heating costs in solidarity with regional welfare institutions (40,000 households/year/institution)
  • - Psychological and emotional support project: Holding of elderly outings and festivals, events on Parent’s Day, etc. (outings and festivals, 15,918 persons/year; birthday/ Parent’s Day events, 4,083 persons/year)
Children’s welfare
  • - The foundation’s welfare center learning support project: Support for regional children’s education such as support for English with professional lecturers, university student volunteers’ 1:1 learning guidance, and mentor programs
  • - Support for regional children’s center education specialization programs: Implementation of culture experience and united camps, support for specialized education programs (English, essays, science, music, arts), book supply and specialized reading education, implementation of excellent children’s English camps
  • - Holiday support for poorly fed children with lunch box project: In solidarity with local governments and regional welfare institutions, KT&G provides lunch boxes to low-income families every Saturday
Immigrant’s welfare
  • - Multicultural family picnic project/living support: KT&G has implemented multicultural families’ picnics to Yongin Everland to relieve multicultural families’ sense of social alienation, and has implemented multicultural family settlement education (Hangeul education, marital conflict relief program): support for the construction of centers dedicated to children of multicultural families.
  • - Projects for combined support for North Korean defectors and Koreans in Sakhalin: support with basic household items such as kitchen appliances and daily necessities /support for settlement

Voluntary service center

Volunteer service community where hands of sharing are gathered

Operation of the volunteer service center &Ter (established in June 2004)
&Ter actively supports volunteer service activities performed by diverse age groups such as university students’ volunteer service clubs, and senior volunteer service groups.
Present situation of volunteer service activities
Domestic volunteer service: Implemented diverse volunteer services such as wall painting in elementary schools, Tree planting at Naksansa Temple, study room Santa visits, and taking care of the elderly living alone at home.
Overseas volunteer service: School improvement projects in Cambodia such as support for kindergarten construction, and construction projects such as old residential environment improvement.

Social welfare institution car support project

Sharing hope with neglected classes

The KT&G Welfare Foundation has been practicing unsparing support and love for neglected and poor neighbors. Among others, the social welfare institution car support project is a representative project that the KT&G Welfare Foundation boasts of through which 100 light passenger cars with excellent mobility and economic efficiency have been provided to social welfare fields with relatively poor road facilities every year since 2004. As of 2013, 1,000 cars have been provided.

Medical care support project

Medical care support project that is implemented even in foreign countries in addition to Korea

The KT&G Welfare Foundation has been implementing medical care support projects not only in Korea, but also in other countries. In 2013, the foundation visited Indonesia, which is in a blind spot for medical welfare, to implement medical care volunteer service activities. Indonesia has poor medical delivery systems and technologies compared to its population, and the low-income classes are medically neglected. Therefore, the KT&G Welfare Foundation provided various examination and operation services to regional residents in Indonesia who could not receive medical care benefits due to economic difficulties, etc.

In particular, the foundation provided practical medical benefits to 30 patients suffering from heart diseases or cleft lips, which frequently occur in regional residents, and visited nearby orphanages to conduct examination activities such as echocardiography. These activities, which practice the corporate management philosophy of a “sharing company,” are expected to contribute to not only the improvement of local residents’ health, but also the enhancement of the corporate image.

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