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Sangsang Univ. is a university student’s community that helps the self-growth of university students in their 20s, and is one of the unequaled and differentiated CSR programs unique to KT&G. This is KT&G’s external activity community for university students that helps true self-growth through the provision of opportunities for diverse experiences and exchanges to university students that suffer from competition for building up careers to fill up their C.V. on their campus. Through the implementation of the program (class/activity) in 16 regions throughout the country, Sangsang Univ. provides places for exchanges where university students can express their imagination and discover new possibilities while sharing new memories with other university students.

University students’ external activity community

It is a Sangsang community that supports passion and challenges

KT&G is returning 2% of its sales every year (55.1 billion won in 2012) to society through diverse social contribution activities. Sangsang Univ. is a KT&G’s external activity community for university students that began in the spring of 2010 as part of such social contribution activities. Thereafter, it has become the No.1 university students’ community in Korea that encompasses the areas of culture & arts, marketing, finding employment, and volunteer work to support university students’ passion and challenges.

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The best external activity selected by university students and students preparing for employment
Provides opportunities for university students to grow through programs and provides opportunities for self-development that cannot be easily accessed on campuses through programs that encompass diverse contents at all times throughout the country.
Provides opportunities for exchanges through networks
Provides places for exchanges where university students not only can simply participate in programs, but can also share the results of self-development or new memories with other university students. (Exchanges with 50,000 university students per year.)
Cultural space dedicated to university students, Sangsang ateliers
Any university students that are members of Sangsang Univ. can use Sangsang ateliers in 16 cities throughout the country free of charge by a simple application for rent.

Sangsang Univ. representative programs

University students’ marketing and external activity programs and university students’ career consulting programs that represent Sangsang Univ.

Sangsang marketing school
Supports university students that dream of becoming marketers through vivid marketing practice lectures by marketing hands-on workers at major companies and marketing competition presentations.
Sangsang career camp
Sangsang career camp provides university students with customized consulting related to finding employment for three nights and four days, thereby helping the students to design and prepare for careers that fit them and supporting university students that have diverse imaginations to enter society.

Sangsang Univ. classes

Programs that enable university students to express their imaginations and discover new possibilities while having exchanges with each other

Sangsang culture school
With general hobby-related programs and knowledge and culture-related programs, diverse programs are operated such as those for the humanities, writing, culture and art planners, baristas, bartenders, cookies and cakes, wine, event chefs, recreation, party planners, caricature, calligraphy, movies and talks, graffiti, and visual creatives.
Sangsang life school
With volunteer service and sports-related programs, programs for volunteer service, billiards, bowling, base ball, and climbing are operated.
Sangsang art school
With programs in which performances and exhibitions are allowed, diverse programs are operated such as Sangsang escape from being clumsy, dance master class (broadcasting dance/jazz dance/cheer leading, etc.), Nanta, play groups, musical class, drama group, composition, live band, vocal, session, ukulele, acoustic guitar, chorus, rock and roll, video making, video editing, playing with digital cameras, photo master, photo class, voice actor, DJ, magic, and model making.
Sangsang career center
With finding employment and career-related programs, programs for university subjects, camp for finding employment, JOB, JOY, presentation, letters of self-introduction, interviews, image making, and speeches are operated.

Sangsang Univ. Activities

Programs for short-term participation in which Sangsang Univ. can be experienced and communications between each other can be made

Sangsang Festa
This is a place of festivals where the creative activities of diverse classes can be shared with everybody. .
Sangsang sharing [open volunteer service]
This is a social contribution program implemented by KT&G together with university students that is a place for volunteer service where regular volunteer services that are implemented for long periods of time and self-volunteer activities implemented by university students as main agents for planning and execution are enabled.
Sangsang tour
Making special travels with Sangsang Univ. and making memories! This is a program with unusual themes to experience unforgettable journeys.

Sangsang Univ. university student operators

University student groups that lead Sangsang Univ. with activities in diverse areas such as on/offline Univ. promotion and volunteer service

Sangsang friends
Sangsang friends is a university students’ planning and promotion group that plans and executes offline programs firsthand for promotion of Sangsang Univ.
Sangsang editor
Sangsang editor is a university student reporter group that quickly delivers news related to not only online Sangsang Univ., but also university students and campuses.
Sangsang volunteer
Sangsang volunteer is a university student volunteer service group that works together with KT&G to plan and execute talent donation/effort volunteer service activities firsthand.
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