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KT&G Sangsang Planet Hosts “Play Planet” to Connect with the Community Through Music Performances 2024.03.27
On the 27th, KT&G will host "Play Planet" at Sangsang Planet located in Seongsu-dong, Seoul, an event designed to connect with the community through music performances.

"Play Planet," now in its fourth year since starting in 2021, is a music performance program by KT&G aimed at facilitating communication and exchange among a diverse audience including young entrepreneurs residing at Sangsang Planet and local community members. KT&G holds the "Play Planet" event on the last Wednesday of every month to stimulate cultural and artistic activities in Seongsu-dong, known as the "Social Venture Valley," and to expand opportunities for citizens to enjoy culture. "Play Planet" has become a major local event, attracting over a thousand participants annually.

The music theme for this March's "Play Planet" is "Folk Music," featuring artists Soojin and Jeon Hogwon who will reinterpret songs like Yu Jae-ha's "Milestone" and Jang Pil-soon's "When My Loneliness Calls You."

"Play Planet" showcases various music genres suited to each season's atmosphere: Latin music in spring, powerful blues to beat the summer heat, a New Orleans sound marching band in autumn, and Christmas carols during the winter holiday season.

A KT&G representative stated, "Through the ‘Play Planet‘ events, we communicate with the local community by presenting music performances that complement the seasonal atmosphere and introduce a variety of music genres. We will continue to work towards activating the local culture and arts scene."

Meanwhile, Sangsang Planet is a youth entrepreneurship space opened by KT&G in 2020 in Seongsu-dong's "Social Venture Valley" to nurture social innovation entrepreneurs and support youth employment. By setting rent at half the cost compared to nearby shared offices, it reduces the burden on young entrepreneurs. It has established itself as a "Mecca for Youth Entrepreneurship" by offering "Sangsang Startup Camp," a youth entrepreneurship support program, providing expert mentoring and practical education.

(Photo Description) Poster for KT&G's Play Planet event.
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