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KT&G's Cumulative Social Contribution Fund Exceeds 40 Billion in KRW Through Employee Donations 2024.01.30
KT&G (CEO: Baek Bok-in) announced that the cumulative usage of the socially-contributed fund, KT&G Sangsang Fund, created through the voluntary participation of employees, has surpassed 40 billion Korean won.

Launched in 2011, the Sangsang Fund is formed when KT&G employees freely donate a portion of their monthly salary, with the company matching the same amount. The established fund is used to support socially vulnerable groups and address urgent social issues. So far, a total of 43.8 billion won has been disbursed.

The operation of the Sangsang Fund involves a fund management committee composed of employee representatives, which deliberates and decides on donation requests through methods such as donation petitions and donation markets. The donation petition system involves employees directly identifying and supporting stories of those in welfare blind spots, providing assistance in various areas for marginalized groups that may find it difficult to receive support from welfare institutions, including medical support, housing environment improvement, and education.

Additionally, the donation market, a participatory donation system, allows employees to choose and support specific causes by directly donating to them. Nationwide, regional institutions such as factories and local branches engage in various sponsorship activities, including support for the elderly and people with disabilities, housing environments, and year-end sharing, through communication with local communities.

In Korea, KT&G has supported donations for the Gangneung mountain fire and nationwide flood damage. Internationally, the company contributed funds for relief efforts for the earthquake in Turkey through the Korean Red Cross. Furthermore, the Sangsang Fund is utilized for environmental protection both domestically and internationally, such as reforestation in Bonghwa County, Gyeongsangbuk-do, which suffered from mountain fires, and the creation of Sangsang Forest to prevent desertification in Mongolia.

Go Hyeong-ho, Head of the KT&G Sangsang Fund Management Committee, stated, "Our company members have felt great pride in practicing the management philosophy of being 'together as one company' through the Sangsang Fund. We will continue to strive to fulfill our social responsibility as corporate citizens through the voluntary spread of a donation culture in the future."

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