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443 KT&G to Hold a Public Contest for ‘Pictograms for Smoking Manners’ 2013.05.27




KT&G (CEO Min Young-jin) is to hold a public contest for “Pictograms for Smoking Manners” that will be applied to cigarette packs. A pictogram, a compound word of “picture” and “telegram”, is a pictorial symbol for a word or phrase expressed to ensure easy understanding. 


Since KT&G first used a pictogram for smoking manners on The One cigarette in February, 2011 as part of its public service campaign, the company is now using it for all products sold on the domestic market. Entry to the public contest is open to anyone over the age of 19; entries of any type, such as photos and pictures, may be submitted online in a file format. The application period will continue until 16th of next month.


The major screening criteria are creativity, fun factor, etc., and the final results will be announced on June 28. Notebook computers and gift certificates will be presented to 301 prize winners. For further details, visit the homepage for the contest at (


A KT&G official said, Pictograms for Smoking Manners are a tool for us to discharge our social responsibilities as a cigarette business operator, adding that we are planning to discover a variety of brilliant and creative works through active communication with customers to apply to our products to be released on the market.”

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