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As an ‘Enlightened company,’ KT&G
521 KT&G, held the local contact ‘Sangsang Fund year-end sharing’ event 2022.12.19
KT&G(CEO Baek Bok In) is holding a 640 million won worth 'Sangsang Fund year-end sharing' event for more than 40 social welfare organizations worldwide.

‘Sangsang Fund year-end sharing’, KT&G's social contribution activity, held until the end of the year at KT&G national institutions such as regional headquarters and factories to help the vulnerable who are having a hard winter due to the cold wave. Starting last November, each institution is delivering necessary items for the winter, such as winter supplies and food materials, to the vulnerable through local social welfare agencies.

In addtion, as part of the sharing event, KT&G has hled a 'briquette run' to support the energy vulnerable. ‘Briquette run’, which is in its second round, is a participatory volunteer activity that combines running and donation, and KT&G employees accumulate briquettes equal to the distance traveled and carry out sharing activities. This year, 250 employees participated and total of 80 million won worth of briquettes and winter supplies were delivered.

Other than this, KT&G has held voluntary activities such as kimchi‧briquette sharing organized by employees volunteering group at the end of each year. Especially this year, With the decrease of Covid-19, the meaning of sharing was added with as face-to-face volunteer activities through Sangsang Planet, Sangsang Madang, and Scholarship Foundation were also carried out.

A KT&G official said, "We have planned this 'Sangsang Fund year-end sharing' event to be a small help to our neighbors who are suffering financially", and "we will keep practicing sharing to those in need of our help, with the goal of coexisting with the local community.

Meanwhile, the funds used for the year-end sharing event were raised from the ‘Sangsang Fund’, which was raised through voluntary donations from KT&G employees. ‘Sangsang Fund’ is KT&G’s social contribution fund launched in 2011. It is created in the form of a ‘Matching Grant’ in which the company adds the same amount when employees voluntarily donate a certain amount of their monthly salary, and is being used to support the underprivileged in Korea and overseas, and to solve urgent social problems.

(Photo1) KT&G conducted the ‘year-end kimchi sharing’ volunteer activity to support the underprivileged to have a warm winter. The photo shows KT&G Sustainability Management Headquarters Manager Lee Sang Hhak (second from left) and employees participating in making kimchi at a sharing event held at the plaza of Seongdong-gu Office in Seoul on the 22nd of last month.

(Photo2) KT&G is holding a 640 million won worth ‘Sangsang Fund year-end sharing’ event for 40 social welfare organizations across the country. The photo shows KT&G employees participating in the ‘briquette sharing’ volunteer activity on the 8th.

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