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502 KT&G conducting an open hiring of new and experienced employees 2022.10.06
From October 7, KT&G (CEO Baek Bok-in) is conducting an open hiring of new and experienced staff members in 2022. The application deadlines are October 28th for new employees and October 26th for experienced employees, and an application can be submitted at the KT&G recruitment website ( ).

The hiring of new employees this year is for employees of the sixth and general grade as well as ninth grade. Sixth and general-grade employees will be employed in sales and marketing, manufacturing, raw materials, research and development, IT, etc., who graduated from a four-year college in Korea or overseas, or are scheduled to graduate in February 2023. Employees of the ninth grade are high school graduates who will be employed in production. There will be a separate hiring of family members of veterans and other individuals of national honor. 

Experienced hires will be for general employees and eighth-grade employees. General employees will be selected among attorneys and personnel with experiences in social contribution, marketing research, next-generation products (NGP) development, IT, etc., who have a bachelor's or a higher degree from a four-year college in Korea or other countries, or an equivalent degree. Employees in the eighth grade will work in the production and raw materials and should have a high school diploma, or a higher qualification, and at least three years of work experience.

For fair hiring, the entire process will be conducted in a blind method and to enhance the objectivity and reliability of the recruitment process. Testing via artificial intelligence will also be given to test an applicant's competency and personality. The hiring will proceed in the sequence of document screening, to testing of actual work competency, an interview with executives, and other processes in each field. The final selection will be announced after a medical check-up in December.

An official at KT&G said: "We hope that many passionate, gifted people will apply, who will work with KT&G, which is developing as a top-tier global firm". He added: "While the uncertain external environment continues, we will take the lead in creating jobs for young people."

(Photo description) Poster of hiring new and experienced hires for 2022

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