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KT&G to Deliver Medical Oxygen Generators to Russia... Support for Overcoming COVID-1 2021.11.09
KT&G (CEO Baek Bok-in) will deliver medical oxygen generators to Russia, which is suffering from the resurgence of COVID-19.

First, KT&G donated KRW 50 million to Friends, an NGO specializing in international relief and development, to help Russia overcome the COVID-19 crisis. Friends purchased 23 oxygen generators with donations received on November 8, and plans to deliver them sequentially to medical sites in Kaluga, Russia, where KT&G's local plant is located, by the end of the year.

In Russia, the number of new COVID-19 cases and deaths per day is hitting new highs day after day due to the rapid spread of variants of the virus. According to Worldometer, a website providing real-time statistics on the status of COVID-19, the number of daily confirmed cases soared to more than 30,000 last month. In response, KT&G decided to provide support in the way of medical oxygen generators, which is essential equipment in the emergency medical field for COVID-19.

In October, KT&G delivered oxygen generators and KF94 face masks to Indonesia. As a global company operating local business sites, last year, we fulfilled our corporate social responsibilities by providing COVID-19 diagnostic kits to Indonesia, Russia, and Turkey where our overseas subsidiaries are located.

Shim Young-ah, head of KT&G's Social Contribution Deptartment, said, “To help overcome the global COVID-19 crisis, we have decided to provide medical oxygen generators to Russia as well as Indonesia.” She added, "As a global company that has entered over 110 countries, KT&G will continue to actively fulfill its social contribution responsibilities not only in Korea but also overseas.”

KT&G is actively participating in overcoming COVID-19 in Korea as well. In August, we delivered heatwave relief supplies to COVID-19 medical staff and low-income families. We have been providing support from various angles since last year, such as participating in the ‘Flower Farmers Aid Campaign’ and the ‘Good Landlord Movement’ for small business owners and vulnerable groups, as well as providing food and products for preventing the spread of the virus to welfare institutions across the country.

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KT&G (CEO Baek Bok-in) will deliver medical oxygen generators to Russia, which is suffering from the resurgence of COVID-19. 
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