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442 KT&G Provides 1.5 Billion Won Worth of Support to Covid-19 Medical Staffs and Low-inc 2021.08.04
KT&G (President Baek Bok-in) announced on the 4th that it will deliver 1.5 billion won worth of aids to medical staffs and low-income families heavily under stress from the prolonged Covid-19 and heat wave in conjunction with its subsidiary KGC Ginseng Corporation and KT&G Scholarship Foundation.

KT&G first delivered 300 million won donation to the National Disaster Relief Association with the Sangsang Fund raised by the executives and employees of the company. The money will be used to purchase 'Cool Kits' for medical staffs who are under heavy stress from the renewed spread of Covid-19 and the recent heat wave. The Cool Kit contains a hand fan, cool scarf, body tissue, etc.

The KT&G Scholarship Foundation will then donate 200 million won in scholarships to the Korea Scholarship Foundation to support children from families who were forced to close their businesses in the wake of Covid-19. The effort will not end as a one-time aid. Once the pandemic situation improves, the company will continue to support the children like inviting them to scholarship camps and so on. In addition, the KT&G Welfare Foundation is to provide samgyetang meals to elderly people from low-income households suffering under the recent heat wave.

In the meantime, KGC Ginseng Corporation is planning to deliver red ginseng products worth 1 billion won to Covid-19 medical staffs.

Since last February, KT&G has been actively providing support in funds and supplies to the underprivileged by activating its Covid-19 Emergency Response Plan. So far, the cumulative contribution amounts to 6 billion won in total. The company is helping to overcome the pandemic crisis by providing emergency relief for people in self-isolation and medical staffs to purchase food and quarantine supplies. The company is also participating in the government-led 'Good Renters' campaign and supporting global Covid-19 relief efforts.
Sim Young-ah, head of KT&G's social contribution office, said, "The Covid-19 pandemic is still with us after nearly 2 years, and the difficulties experienced by medical staffs and low-income families are growing. KT&G will continue to provide customized support for the people in need."


(Photo description) (From left) Jeong Seo-yoon, head of the Management Planning Division of the National Disaster Relief Association, Hong Soo-bin member, Lee Eung-han, chairman of KT&G Sangsang Fund Management Committee, and Kim Jeong-hee, secretary-general of the National Disaster Relief Association, are having a photo time on the 3rd.

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