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KT&G Recruits Participants for the ‘Sangsang Univ. Marketing School 2021’ 2021.06.10
KT&G (President Baek Bok-in) is currently recruiting university students across the country for its ‘Sangsang Univ. Marketing School 2021’, where they can experience practical marketing, and recruitment will conclude by July 9th. 

'Sangsang Univ. Marketing School', run by KT&G, is one of the Korea’s representative marketing programs, and the company has been running this program since 2010 to foster young and competent marketing experts for the future; more than 14,000 students across 13 cohorts over the past 10 years have experienced this program. 

Through this program, marketing experts who are already working in the field will give lectures, and participants will create promotional videos for start-ups associated with Sangsang Planet, which is KT&G's youth startup support center. The teams that are evaluated to have created the best videos in the final competition will be awarded cash prizes according to their evaluation results, and the prize money is 30 million won in total.

Notably, this year, the orientation and finals will be held on the metaverse platform ‘SKT Jump Virtual Meetup’ in collaboration with SK Telecom, given the difficulties of face-to-face participation due to COVID-19. Metaverse is a combination of the word ‘meta’, meaning ‘processed/abstract’, and the word ‘universe’, meaning the real world, and in this context, the word refers to a three-dimensional virtual world.

Those who want to apply for the ‘Sangsang Univ. Marketing School 2021’ can access the Sangsang Uni website (, and any university students (including students on a leave of absence) across the country may apply. The final 1,280 will be selected to participate in this program from July 19th to August 12th.

"We've decided to use the Metaverse platform for this year's Sangsang Univ. Marketing School to provide practical assistance to university students who are experiencing severe difficulties in terms of finding jobs due to COVID-19." said a KT&G official.

(Picture description) KT&G's ‘Sangsang Univ. Marketing School’ is where university students across the country can experience practical marketing.

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