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As an ‘Enlightened company,’ KT&G
598 KT&G to Remodel Homes for the 6․25 Korean War Veterans 2013.03.25



On March 25, KT&G Vice President Kim Jun-ki (left) and the Army Commander of Personnel Affairs Bang Won-pal (right)

sign an agreement on extending the Love-Your-Country Home Repair Project. 


On March 25, KT&G (CEO Min Young-jin) is to hold a ceremony at the Army Headquarters in Gyeryong with Army Commander of Personnel Affairs Bang Won-pal and Vice President Kim Jun-ki in attendance, regarding the extension of the agreement on the Love-Your-Country Home Repair Support Project, and will provide support for the coming two years with a fund totaling 200 million. 


Through the project, the Army Headquarters repairs, in a modern style, the homes of persons of national merit living in straitened circumstances who are selected from among the 6.25 Korean War veterans. KT&G has had sponsored this project since 2011.


KT&G has had provided home remodeling services for more than 100 war veterans through this project over the past two years, and has decided to extend the support period, taking into account the reality that many war veterans are still suffering financial hardship.


KT&G Vice President Kim Jun-ki said, We are happy to be able to provide a little support to those who dedicated themselves to the country through the Love-Your-Country Home Repair Project, adding that Henceforward, we will provide active support to improve the living conditions of military personnel.”


In addition to the home repair project, KT&G is striving to practice one of its management philosophies known as “sharing company” through its army-related support activities, such as a program of morale-boosting training on the ROK Armed Forces Broadcasting Network, a project for unearthing the remains of the fallen soldiers during the 6.25. Korean War and a project of suicide prevention in Army units.

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