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KT&G Scholarship Foundation, Recruiting “Sangsang Scholarship Middle and High School 2021.05.28
The KT&G Scholarship Foundation is recruiting “Sangsang Scholarship Middle and High School Students in 2021” to support middle and high school students dealing with financial difficulties.

The “Sangsang Scholarship Student” is a scholarship program that the KT&G Scholarship Foundation has been operating annually since 2011 for the support of the educationally underprivileged class and the growth of future talents. This year, scholarships worth a total of 720 million won will be provided to 200 middle school students and 260 high school students, for a total of 460 students. Also to minimize the contact-free educational divide due to remote classes, the program is also planning to issue an educational tool kit that includes tablet PCs.

Teachers overseeing students who require scholarship support may apply on the student’s behalf, and registration may be made on the KT&G scholarship foundation home website ( until June 10th. After registering the papers and going through the auditing process, the final scholarship recipients will be announced on June 22nd. 

An official of the KT&G Scholarship Foundation said, “We hope students going through financial hardships will not let go of their dreams and that they will carry on with their academic careers,” and also claimed that, “we will continuously expand the scholarship program in order to address educational inequality problems and foster new talents for the future.”

The KT&G Scholarship Foundation is a charitable corporation established in 2008 in order for KT&G to actualize their business ideals of being “a company that works together,” and it is actively promoting various scholarship programs in order to prevent students from giving up on their academic careers due to social and economic reasons. It had already awarded scholarships totaling 200 million won to 40 students in the field of arts and sports last May. Since the establishment of the Foundation, the total number of students who have received benefits reached 6,000, and the cumulative amount of support has exceeded 34.8 billion won.

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