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As an ‘Enlightened company,’ KT&G
406 KT&G to Convert All Business Vehicles into Eco-friendly Vehicles for ESG Management 2021.04.15
KT&G (President Baek Bok-in) announced its plans to convert a total of 1,200 business vehicles into eco-friendly vehicles by 2030.

KT&G, which participated in the 2nd Declaration Ceremony for 'Korean-style Electric Vehicle Conversion 100 (K-EV100),” held at The Plaza Hotel in Jung-gu, Seoul on the 14th of this month, is expected to accelerate ESG management to solve environmental issues such as greenhouse gas reduction in the future.

The 'K-EV100' project is led by the Ministry of Environment that has publicly declared that vehicles owned or leased by private companies will be converted to 100% pollution-free vehicles by 2030. Starting with the declaration of 'K-EV100', KT&G plans to gradually convert all vehicles on its business sites to eco-friendly electric vehicles in the future.

Converting all of the company's current business vehicles into eco-friendly vehicles by 2030 is predicted to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by more than 20,000 tons. 

On the other hand, KT&G is speeding up eco-friendly management by establishing dedicated ESG organizations such as the ESG Planning Team and Energy & Environment Technology Team. Through the establishment of such dedicated organizations, the company has established a company-wide ESG management system and is focusing on energy efficiency optimization, introduction of new and renewable energy, and eco-friendly product design.

In recognition of KT&G's excellence in overall ESG management activities such as social contribution and advanced governance, the company was awarded the highest grade for Korean companies in the ESG index evaluation conducted by MSCI, a global investment information provider, in February this year.

An official at KT&G said, "This 'K-EV100' Declaration is a part of KT&G's sustainability agenda, and we will endeavor to become a global leading company in ESG through systematic and advanced ESG management.”

(Photo Description) The Minister of Environment Han Jeong-ae (left) and Vice President of KT&G Bang Gyeong-man (right) take commemorative photos at the 2nd Declaration Ceremony for “Korean Pollution-Free Conversion 100 (K-EV100)” held at The Plaza Hotel in Jung-gu, Seoul on the 14th of this month.

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