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595 KT&G Launches Limited Version of This Plus Clad in ARENA Fashion Sense 2013.03.05





KT&G (CEO Min Young-jin) will launch a limited volume of 16.5 million packs of “This Plus Arena Pack” with a sensuous design made in collaboration with the fashion magazine Arena.


This product has been made in design collaboration with Arena (Arena Homme+), one of the three major fashion magazines for men in Korea. This is the second time that This Plus and Arena have collaborated following the previous year. 

The This Plus ARENA pack made through the collaboration expresses the front in an image that seems to look down classic wingtip-style shoes, showing the back in the shape of a shoe sole and heel using the concept of a fashion item flavored with English wit, thus making it fun to see.


On the side of this product, a campaign message about smoking manners in the form of the catchphrase Like glittering shoes, finish it glitteringly, using a whale, which is the symbol of This Plus, was printed to request smokers not to lose a “gentlemen’s dignity” when smoking.


KT&G This team leader Park Seong-sik said, This limited version tries to deliver everyday pleasure to the existing This Plus consumers by applying a unique design that combines KT&G’s imagination and Arena’s sense,” adding that because consumer preference for This Plus is steady, which is evidenced by a daily sales volume of as many as 740,000 packs, the release of this limited version will provide an opportunity for them to feel refreshed.”  


The This Plus Arena pack will be on sale for about three weeks, and the flavor and tar content (5.5mg) are the same as the existing product. The selling price is also the same: 2,100.

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