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442 KT&G, Sangsang Univ recruits 11th Sangsang Friends, university student staffs 2019.12.30

KT&G (CEO Baek Bok-in) will recruit 11th Sangsang Friends, Sangsang Univ university student staffs from college students in 13 local areas by January 12, 2020.

KT & G Sangsang Univ started as a university student arts and cultural community in 2010, and now it is a comprehensive community of university students in Korea that encompasses culture, arts, service and career. Over 7,000 events were held for college students over the past decade, and a total of 980,000 college students participated in the Sangsang Univ programs.

Each year, KT&G has selected a staff of university students representing Sangsang Univ. 'Sangsang Friends', who plans and runs the Sangsang Univ programs, and the Sangsang Volunteer, a university student volunteer group, have led the Sangsang Univ. Starting next year, the company plans to recruit 11th new “Sangsang Friends” by combining “Sangsang Friends” and “Sangsang Volunteers”.

Any college student (including holiday students) can apply through the Sangsang Univ website ( The recruitment period is by January 12, 2020, and the final successful candidates who have passed both the document screening and interview evaluation will have 11th “Sangsang Friends” activities from February to May 2020. Selection and activities take place simultaneously in 13 regions across the country.

The 250 university students selected as “Sangsang Friends” will be divided into 13 regional headquarters over four months to plan and implement cultural, artistic and volunteer programs that represent each region. After the end of the activity, outstanding actors will receive scholarships and overseas volunteering opportunities.

An official from KT&G said, “Sangsang Univ is a unique social contribution platform that KT & G started from considering what support is most needed for university students.” "We will continue to support university students to discover new possibilities through various experiences and exchanges."

▶KT&G (CEO Baek Bok-in) will recruit 11th Sangsang Friends' teams of Sangsang Univ university student staff to 13 local college students by January 12, 2020. The photo is the recruitment poster.
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