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469 KT&G Opens Third Sangsang Madang in Chuncheon 2013.02.15

KT&G (CEO Min Young-jin) is to open its third Sangsang Madang culture center in Chuncheon, Gangwon-do.


KT&G is planning to purchase a Children’s Hall and the Gangwon Sports Center in Samcheon-dong, Chuncheon, and complete their remodeling within this year. After that, it will develop them into general experiential facilities for culture and arts with various types of amenities such as a performing arts venue, exhibition hall, lecture hall, and studio, together with lodgings and restaurants.


The Sangsang Madang centers in Korea operated by KT&G as part of its social contribution service are representative multipurpose culture and art spaces, with the number of annual visitors reaching 1.2 million. The first Sangsang Madang opened in 2007 near Hongik University and has since supported a new breed of creative artists and provided ample opportunities for the general public to enjoy culture and arts.


In 2011, Sangsang Madang Nonsan, formerly a shut-down school that was remodeled, was opened in order to open up more opportunities for the local community to enjoy culture and arts; it is operating participatory programs in which various classes of people such as undergraduates and families can participate, and the third center, Sangsang Madang Chuncheon, is planned to be operated in a different way with a new concept of a multipurpose culture and art space linked to nature and culture.


KT&G Manager of Social Contribution Lee Yeung-chul said, Sangsang Madang Chuncheon will contribute to the local community while helping to disseminate culture and arts to the general public in the process of experiencing and enjoying various types of cultural and art activities in the beautiful natural environment of Chuncheon adjacent to the metropolitan area.”

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