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494 KT&G Launches BOHEM CIGAR MINI, the World’s First Super Slim Cigarette 2013.01.14

KT&G is to launch BOHEM CIGAR MINI, the world’s first super slim cigarette that uses paper that contains cigar leaves.


BOHEM CIGAR MINI contains cigar leaf of South American origin, including from Cuba, for 20% of its raw material leaf tobacco. Its distinctive feature is that it has realized the distinctive, gratifying feeling of a cigar by wrapping cigarettes that contain cigar leaves with cigarette paper. The cigar wrapping method, which involves rolling up a super slim cigarette in cigarette paper that contains cigar leaves, is KT&G’s unique, proprietary technology realized for the first time in the world.


BOHEM CIGAR MINI is a product that has increased the convenience of portability by adopting a length of 84mm to this super-slim cigarette, and is the smallest-sized cigarette on the domestic market. The image of a hummingbird, the world’s smallest bird, in the center of the pack and inside the lid expresses the distinctive features of the small but substantial BOHEM CIGAR MINI.


KT&G BOHEM team leader Kwon Min-seok said, BOHEM CIGAR MINI looks slim, but brings out fine flavor, adding that although it is slim, consumers will be able to get a taste of its distinctive, rich Cuban-style flavor from it.” 


Two types of BOHEM CIGAR MINI are being offered, with 5mg and 1mg tar content. The selling price is 2,500 per pack.

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