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As an ‘Enlightened company,’ KT&G
489 The world’s first ‘Tonino Lamborghini’ cigarette released 2012.04.04


On March 18 of this year, KT&G released its new ‘Tonino Lamborghini’ cigarettes, co-developed with the Italian global luxury brand, Tonino Lamborghini.


The new Tonino Lamborghini product was developed over three years by a team of experts as a super-premium cigarette for launch not only in the Korean market, but globally as well. KT&G is aiming to establish Tonino Lamborghini as a global luxury brand, starting in Western Europe, including Italy, and expanding to the rest of the world.


KT&G said “Although the company considered the top price level in Korea due to the highest quality of raw materials, development costs, and the luxury brand value of Tonino Lamborghini, we decided on the KRW 2,700 price point in consideration of the local economy and inflation.” It confirmed that “Current prices of the products already in the market will be maintained as they are.”


Tonino Lamborghini contains expensive ‘smoking leaf’, premium tobacco blended with European Orient to create a cigarette characterized by a soft throat and enriched taste. It also applied the highest available quality features for the first time in Korea, such as double OPP film for superior moisture retention and an embossed lip release filter.

While the product features an enterprising ambiance by displaying the ‘toro’ emblem representative of the absolute charisma of the Lamborghini family on the top of the package, the overall look emphasizes a luxurious lavishness through au currant colors such as yellow and black and a sensitive design. Toro refers to a fighting bull in Italian.

The package was designed by the Italian firm ARC, which has an international reputation, and blending was performed by a veteran expert with 35 years of experience actively working in Europe and the United States.

The new product Tonino Lamborghini comes in two types, L6 and L8, which contain 6.0mg and 8.0mg of tar, respectively.

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