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681 KT&G Invites Student Volunteers for “Correspondent of Cambodia Hope” Program 2016.04.14

KT&G sets out on volunteer activities abroad by dispatching local volunteers comprised of college students and invites volunteers for ‘Correspondent of Cambodia Hope Class V’ until April 27.

Once dispatched to Siem Reap Province in Cambodia, these volunteers will build school facilities, conduct maintenance, and deliver other services for two weeks from July 13. In addition, drawing on their own specialties, they will provide colorful and fun cultural experiences to local students as a way of ‘talent donation’.

College students may submit their application to KT&G Correspondent of Hope webpage( including the motive and specialty including a picture or video. Final candidates are selected through in-depth interviews after preliminary screening based on application and specialty for talent donation.

Anyone can also participate in ‘Book Donation Campaign’ for Cambodia during the application period. All the book donators have to do is click the participation banner on the Correspondent of Hope webpage. Books will be delivered to local schools during the correspondents’ visit. All the related cost will be borne by KT&G Welfare Foundation.

An insider from KT&G said, “KT&G has sent a total sum of 1,000 volunteers who made 33 trips to Cambodia since 2005. The company has also worked to expand educational facilities, including library and on-the-water preschool facilities. I wish the students volunteers could realize the value of love and sharing through volunteer work.”

The company has actively acted for the benefit of international society. KT&G has provided medical support in Cambodia, Uzbekistan, and Mongolia as well. In Indonesia, the company has improved housing environment in economically challenged area via ‘Sangsang Village’ contribution and established ‘Korean language center’ in Jakarta, which was the first case by a Korean company.

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