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As an ‘Enlightened company,’ KT&G
576 KT&G opens Sangsang stage at Myongi Hospital for Patients 2016.03.09

KT&G (President Bok-in Baek) has opened a cultural facility at Myongi Hospital in Goyang and supports performance. The project was carried out with the company’s Sangsang Fund raised by KT&G and its employees.

Kim Jin-han, head of the social contribution office at KT&G, and Kim Hyoung-soo, superintendent of Myongji Hospital, attended the ribbon-cutting ceremony ‘Sangsang Stage Donation Ceremony with KT&G Sangsang Fund’, for the Sangsang Stage at the hospital on March 9th. Musical performance by ‘Scenery on a Bicycle’ followed.

Myongi Hospital was chosen as the beneficiary because it has been holding some 200 performances each year, the company said. The facility named Sangsang stage will allow performances to move off the hospital lobby floor, with a raised stage equipped with an LED screen and sound equipment of KRW 100 million. KT&G also plans to provide 45 million won for operational costs for the stage.

Kim Jin-han, head of the social contribution office at KT&G said, “Today is a very meaningful day because the stage for patients was prepared by a fund raised by KT&G employees. KT&G believes that a good quality of stage infrastructure is more important than a one-time photo session performance support and decided to donate the hospital for a good quality of stage.”

KRW 150 million ($124,000) was funded by the company’s Sangsang Fund, a voluntary fund made up of contributions from KT&G employees. KT&G Sangsang Fund is a unique CSR fund raised by employees’ voluntary monthly donation and the Company with matching fund scheme which donates the exact amount prepared by its employees. The total asset under management amounts to KRW 350 million.

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