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574 KT&G exceeds 10,000 hours ‘Keeping Cultural Heritage’ Activities 2014.05.29

KT&G(CEO: Mr. Min Young-jin) exceeds total 10,000 hours of ‘Keeping Cultural Heritage’ Activities to protect local cultural heritages with the whole company’s efforts.

The ‘Keeping Cultural Heritage’ Activities is local-bound volunteer activity on cultural heritages to need management. KT&G started the activities focusing on operating branches all over the country in August, last year and has extended it to the headquarters and factories. As of May, this year, the accumulated volunteer time exceeded 10,000 hours.

KT&G selected total 100 cultural heritages including famous ones such as Jeungreung in Seoul, Hahoe mauel in Andong as well as less known local ones and conducted diverse activities cleaning around them and campaign to introduce cultural heritage. In particular, there were unique activities such as experience of traditional martial art, with invitation of college students and guiding intangible cultural artists collaborating with Korea Cultural Heritage Foundation.

KT&G’s director of social contribution, Mr. Ji Hyo-seok said “Conducting activities to keep and care precious cultural heritages all over the country, all staffs in the company get deeper affection and pride for our culture. In future we will extend to introduce local intangible cultural heritages as well as tangible ones.”

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