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573 KT&G recruits participants to ‘Hope-boosting Correspondent in Cambodia’, college stud 2014.05.15

KT&G(CEO: Mr. Min Young-jin) recruits participants to the 3rd ‘Hope-boosting Correspondent in Cambodia’, college student volunteer group abroad.

College students who want to participate, five persons as a team can apply to KT&G Facebook( ) with application including talent donation item. Combining recommendations and screening points, ten teams will be primarily chosen and the final two teams will be selected by in-depth interview.

The final selected 3rd ‘Hope-boosting correspondents’ will conduct extension and repair of elementary school in Siem Reab, Cambodia for two weeks, from July 14 to July 26, 2014. College students will also conduct their own education and talent donation to local children.

A person concerned in KT&G said “Living environment in Cambodia has improved since 2005 when KT&G dispatched the volunteer group but it is still vey inferior, needing continuous volunteer works. And this program will be a meaningful chance for college students to have global sense and to practice sharing.”

KT&G’s ‘Hope-boosting correspondent in Cambodia’ achieved the third position in the domestic and overseas volunteer activities among ‘the best outdoor activities chosen by college students in 2013’ issued by the Employment Portal, Job Korea, and last year’s competition ratio recorded 143:1, attracting the domestic college students’ attention highly.

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