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290 KT&G to Invite 7th Sangsang Career Camp Participants until July 2 2018.06.04

KT&G (CEO Bok-in Baek) invites participants for the 7th Sangsang Career Camp until July 2. Sangsang Career Camp is a career support program which will provide career consulting for college students based on the capability diagnosis.

Sangsang Career Camp is a job mentoring program developed by KT&G for job seeking college students. The program will be conducted in the form of four days and three nights seminar. The curriculum will include one-on-one mentoring, simulated job interview and special lectures.

The participants will experience the whole process from job selection to final interview. The process included the most recent hiring process trend by career consulting professionals. Simulated interviews will include blind interview scheme and special lectures will cover the most updated information for job seekers. The 7th program will be enhanced with atctive participation programs including cover letter writing and mentoring programs as well for the customized capability analysis.

Sangsang Career Camp started in August 2014 and have been popular for offering practical one-on-one career consulting to college students. From class 1 to class 6, the accumulated number of applicants amounts to 8,300 with average competition ratio of 14:1.

A related person of KT&G said, “The program is focused on the practical support for job seekers by applying the most updated hiring trend and the experience from the past programs as well. We will to our best effort so job seeking college students may improve through Sangsang Career Camp.”

All college students may apply to join the program. Applications are accepted through Sangsang Univ website( ) ultil July 2. After the screening process, 100 participants will be selected on July 5. The program will run through July 31 to August 3, and take place at KT&G Human Resource Development Center.


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