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KT&G Concludes the ‘2024 Sangsang Marketing School 17th Edition,’ a Cradle for the Growth of College Student Marketers 2024.07.04
KT&G (President Kyung-man Bang) successfully concluded the '2024 Sangsang Marketing School 17th Edition' on the 3rd, a program designed to offer practical marketing experience to college students.

The 'Sangsang Marketing School' is a marketing education and hands-on experience program that KT&G Sangsang Univ has been operating since 2010. It is held annually with the goal of enhancing the marketing skills of college students and has produced over 20,000 college student marketers to date.

This year's program attracted high interest with approximately 2,400 college students from across the nation applying. It was conducted in three phases: 'Challenger,' 'Changer,' and 'Hackathon.'

The 'Challenger' phase, consisting of expert lectures and assignments, culminated in the selection of 16 teams based on their performance. These teams completed the 'Changer' phase, which involved online mentoring by current marketing professionals. Following this, from the 1st to the 3rd of the month, participants took part in the 'Hackathon' phase, where they engaged in mission tasks and competitive presentations. The final evaluation by marketing professionals and experts resulted in the awarding of certificates and a total of 18 million KRW in prize money to the top teams.

Hee-seung Oh, head of the Univ Operations at KT&G, commented, "We hope that the '2024 Sangsang Marketing School' has been a valuable experience for college students aspiring to be marketers, providing them with a real insight into professional practices." He added, "Sangsang Univ will continue to support young culture and address social issues such as employment difficulties through various program supports for college students."

Meanwhile, 'Sangsang Univ' is a comprehensive community for college students that KT&G has been operating since 2010 to provide a range of experiences and learning opportunities. With over one million participants to date, Sangsang Univ offers various programs such as 'Sangsang Marketing School,' 'Sangsang Blue Pavilion,' and 'Sangsang Village Festival,' providing platforms for college students to grow through interactions.

(Photo Description) KT&G (President Bang Kyung-man) successfully concluded the '2024 Sangsang Marketing School 17th Edition' on the 3rd, which provides real-world marketing experience opportunities to college students. The photo captures participants of the '2024 Sangsang Marketing School 17th Edition' Marketing Hackathon taking a commemorative photo.
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