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KT&G Supports Leaf Tobacco Farmers with 420 Million Won for Health Checkup Fees and Child Scholarships 2024.06.26
KT&G (President Bang Kyung-man) delivered welfare improvement support funds amounting to approximately 420 million won to domestic leaf tobacco farmers on the 25th to promote coexistence.

This year's support funds will be used for health checkup fees, child scholarships, and the purchase of fuel-saving devices for drying facilities targeting leaf tobacco growers.

KT&G has been delivering welfare improvement support funds to leaf tobacco farmers annually since 2013, reaching a total of 4.277 billion won this year. During the same period, the cumulative number of benefiting growers has reached 15,212.

Domestic leaf tobacco farmers are struggling to secure labor due to the declining rural population and aging issues. Given the high labor intensity required for leaf tobacco cultivation, which is difficult to mechanize, there is a high demand for careful health management of leaf tobacco growers.

The fuel-saving device is a facility that recirculates the heat discharged outside during leaf tobacco drying back inside through the dryer to reduce fuel consumption. KT&G has provided a total of 214 units from 2022 to this year to help reduce fuel costs and carbon emissions for farmers.

Meanwhile, KT&G has been at the forefront of protecting domestic leaf tobacco farmers by purchasing all domestic leaf tobacco every year and dispatching employee volunteer groups to assist during the planting and harvesting seasons of leaf tobacco.

Kim Jeong-ho, head of KT&G SCM headquarters, said, "We continue to support the welfare improvement projects for farmers to alleviate their difficulties and provide practical help," and added, "We will continue to provide consistent support to improve the health and economic conditions of leaf tobacco farmers."

(Photo Description) On the 25th, KT&G (President Bang Kyung-man) delivered 420 million won for health checkup fees and child scholarships to domestic leaf tobacco farmers. The photo shows Kim Jeong-ho, head of KT&G SCM headquarters (left), and Jang Sung-woo, president of the Korea Tobacco Growers Organization (right), commemorating the fund delivery ceremony.
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