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KT&G Launches the ‘2030 Global Jr. Committee’ to Lead Advanced Corporate Culture 2024.06.06
KT&G (President Kyung-man Bang) held the inaugural ceremony for the first cohort of the 'Global Junior Committee' and the appointment of 'Global Change Agents (Global CA)' on the 5th. This event took place at KT&G Sangsang Planet, a dedicated space for young entrepreneurs in Seongsu-dong, Seoul, aiming to spearhead domestic and international corporate culture innovation by representing employees of the 2030s generation.

The ceremony, conducted online, featured the participation of President Kyung-man Bang who provided encouragement and engaged in informal communication with the members of the first 'Global Junior Committee' and 'Global CA'.

The 'Global Junior Committee' is a consultative body aimed at improving corporate culture by facilitating communication between young employees and management with the goal of creating a better workplace. Through an internal competition, a total of eight members were selected from various divisions nationwide, including headquarters, sales, and manufacturing. These members will take on the role of leading organizational culture innovation on behalf of the 2030s generation for approximately nine months.

This first cohort aims to propel KT&G towards its future vision of becoming a 'Global Top-tier' group by driving corporate culture innovation to meet global standards. In addition, with aggressive global business expansion leading to an increase in local staff, efforts will be made to establish an advanced corporate culture in both domestic and international organizations through spreading vision consensus and changing work practices.

Global CA' will operate organizational culture improvement programs across both domestic and international branches, identifying and disseminating best practices. Notably, this initiative includes the participation of foreign employees working abroad, such as in Indonesia, who will lead the diagnosis and transformation of organizational culture in overseas subsidiaries.

KT&G President Kyung-man Bang stated, “Innovating our corporate culture through active communication among employees and changing the way we work will be a driving force in realizing our vision of becoming a 'Global Top-tier.'” He further commented, “We will continue to do our utmost to bring about a wave of change in corporate culture through various activities and support.” 

(Photo Description) KT&G (President Kyung-man Bang) conducted the appointment ceremony for the first cohort of the 'Global Junior Committee' and 'Global Change Agents (Global CA)' on the 5th, representing the 2030s generation of employees in leading domestic and international corporate culture innovation. The photo shows President Kyung-man Bang (third from the left/right) taking a commemorative photo with members of the Global Junior Committee and Global CA during the online ceremony.
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