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KT&G Unveils the 8th Iteration of 'Sangsang Startup Camp': A Crucible for Cultivating Entrepreneurial Talent. 2023.11.29
KT&G, under the leadership of President Baek Bok-in, announces the commencement of participant recruitment for its eighth 'Sangsang Startup Camp', a dynamic initiative dedicated to supporting and empowering young entrepreneurs. The application window is open from December 4th to 22nd, inviting a new wave of innovative minds.

Sangsang Startup Camp' stands as a beacon for young visionaries eager to transform societal challenges into entrepreneurial opportunities. This program carves a path for these aspiring changemakers, offering them access to bespoke mentorship and pragmatic training from seasoned startup veterans. The objective is not just to incubate ideas but to cultivate leaders in social innovation.

The 8th ‘Sangsang Startup Camp’ is segmented into three distinct tracks, each tailored to different stages of startup development. The Start Track, commencing on December 4th, caters to nascent teams within their first three years, nurturing the seeds of their entrepreneurial journey. Alongside this, the Growth Track targets startups in their formative seed stage up to ten years, while the Global Track is specifically designed for teams with aspirations to breach international markets. Each track is meticulously crafted to propel these burgeoning enterprises towards their specific growth milestones.

KT&G is committed to fully funds educational costs for 'Sangsang Startup Camp' participants, and is planning to offer a range of follow-up support to bolster the competitiveness of outstanding teams. This support includes cash prizes, residency at 'KT&G Sangsang Planet' – a dedicated entrepreneurial space in Seongsu-dong, Seoul, and assistance with attracting investment opportunities.

Prospective participants are invited to apply through the 'Sangsang Startup Camp' website (, where they can also access comprehensive details about the program, including introductory briefings and recruitment timelines.

Since its inception in 2017, the 'Sangsang Startup Camp' has nurtured seven cohorts up to March of this year, cultivating a total of 144 startup teams. Notably, 36 of these teams have successfully entered the government's esteemed 'Social Enterprise Promotion Program'. KT&G's dedication to fostering entrepreneurial talent has been recognized with prestigious accolades, including the 2022 Presidential Award for Job Creation and the 2021 Presidential Commendation for Contributions to the Social Economy.

A spokesperson from KT&G remarked, “We at KT&G are committed to enriching the journey of young entrepreneurs aspiring to drive social innovation. Our distinctive incubation program reflects this commitment. Going forward, we will continue to extend our steadfast support, empowering these emerging leaders to make a positive and enduring impact on their communities.”

(Photo caption) Promotional Poster for the 8th Edition of 'KT&G Sangsang Startup Camp'
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