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KT&G SangSangMadang Busan Hosts “Holiday Memories”, a Photo Exhibition by Yosigo 2023.05.10
KT&G SangSangMadang Busan is set to curate an exquisite photography exhibition, ”Holiday Memories”, featuring the acclaimed Spanish photographer José Javier Serrano, professionally known as Yosigo. This captivating exhibition will be on display at the SangSangMadang Busan Gallery from May 27 until September 3.

Yosigo, a celebrated photographer hailing from Spain, is a prominent influencer, boasting 260,000 followers, with his popularity particularly resonating with the dynamic Millennials and Gen Z. His Spanish alias, 'Yo sigo', translates to 'I continue', encapsulating the artist's enduring philosophy of perseverance, even amidst setbacks and disappointments.

Yosigo has garnered international acclaim by predominantly showcasing his artistic interpretations of landscapes and architectural structures via social media platforms. His exhibition held in 2021, was recognized as the most-visited in Seoul over a span of five years, drawing substantial public interest.

In its second rendition in Korea, this Busan exhibition promises an immersive display of over 300 photographic pieces in various formats which include enchanting summer vistas of Mediterranean resorts, striking oversized artworks spanning 5m, and authentic 35mm analog photos. In addition, an autograph session has been organized, allowing visitors a unique opportunity to meet the artist personally.

A spokesperson from KT&G stated, "We earnestly hope that the artist's philosophy, deeply embedded in his works, provides solace and resonance to a broad audience," further adding, "SangSangMadang Busan remains committed to diversifying cultural arts offerings for citizens, not just through our existing programs, but also by inviting renowned international artists."

Since the inauguration of “SangSangMadang Hongdae” in 2007, KT&G has been steadfastly operating SangSangMadang across five distinctive locations, including Nonsan, Chuncheon, Daechi, and Busan. This initiative has been instrumental in expanding the reach of cultural arts and fostering local cultural development. Annually, it facilitates roughly 3,000 cultural and artistic programs, attracting an impressive footfall of about 2 million visitors.

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