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KT&G Launches “Sangsang Blue Pavilion” Architecture & Design Contest 2023.04.27
KT&G (CEO Baek Bok-in) has announced a public call for entries to the architecture and design program “Sangsang Blue Pavilion.” This initiative, which focuses on the utilization of marine waste, invites submissions from university students across the nation until May 30th.

“Sangsang Blue Pavilion”, a groundbreaking program launched by KT&G Sangsang Univ this year, aims to contribute to social value creation through the production and exhibition of sculptures based on university students' innovative ideas.

The contest's slogan, "Creating Imagination with the Blue Ocean," encourages participants to submit upcycling sculpture design ideas using marine waste materials. The competition is open to university students (including those on a leave of absence) nationwide, with submissions accepted from teams of 3-4 members. Detailed information is available on the KT&G Sangsang Univ website ( ).

Following the design submission phase and presentations, the final five selected teams will be provided with expert incubation and actual sculpture production opportunities. A total prize of KRW 6.5 million and awards, including the Minister of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries Award, will be given after evaluations by experts. The sculptures, made using marine waste collected in advance from the Jeju coast, such as sea glass and fishing gear, will be exhibited in front of Jeju Dongmun Market from August 24th to September 30th. After the exhibition, the dismantled sculptures will be repurposed as benches, bulletin boards, and more in the Jeju area.

Lee Si-hyung, head of operations at KT&G Univ, stated, "We designed the “Sangsang Blue Pavilion” program to offer practical experience to university students interested in architecture and design while raising awareness of the seriousness of environmental pollution." He added, "We eagerly anticipate the creative ideas and active participation of university students passionate about solving social problems."

“Sangsang Univ” is a comprehensive college student community operated by KT&G since 2010, providing diverse learning and experience opportunities across various fields. To date, over one million participants have been involved. It offers platforms for university students to grow and connect through a range of programs, such as “Classes” and “Festivals” held independently in each region, as well as the nationwide “Marketing School” and 'Jiphyeonjeon.'

(Photo description) KT&G (CEO Baek Bok-in) is publicly calling for entries to the architecture and design program “Sangsang Blue Pavilion,” targeting university students (including those on a leave of absence) nationwide until May 30th. The photo shows the recruitment poster for “Sangsang Blue Pavilion.”
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