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KT&G Scholarship Organization manages ‘Sangsang RESTART Scholarship Project’ for self-reliance of youth protection 2023.02.15
The KT&G Scholarship Organization held a contribution ceremony for the ‘23 Year Sangsang RESTART Scholarship’ on the 14th to assist the healthy growth and social arrangement of protected youth and gave the scholarship to the Korea Youth Protection Organization.

The Sangsang RESTART Scholarship Project' is a program which chooses students who are in need of academic help from amidst candidates and students at Muuittak Youth Center with an honorable lifestyle to help in educational fees and living scholarships. With this scholarship program, which started in 2016, 404 teenagers have gotten help for academic and technical education for self-reliance.

Scholarships are used corresponding to the plan of each project, such as exams for qualification exams, achievement of licenses, life assistance for middle, high, and college students, and preparation for jobs. The Korea Youth Protection Association plans to select 100 people from among youths managed by the association and students re-applying for juvenile centers nationwide to select 100 people and deliver a total of 50 million won in scholarships by the end of the year.

Ahn Hong-pil, executive director of the KT&G Scholarship Foundation, said, “The 'Sangsang RESTART Scholarship Project' is a program that provides education and settlement support necessary for social adaptation to protected youth who are in the blind spot of welfare. We will spare no effort in providing various support so that they can realize their dreams.”

Meanwhile, the KT&G Scholarship Foundation is a public interest corporation established in 2008 by KT&G to practice the management ideology of a "company together" and is carrying out various scholarship projects at home and abroad to support the underprivileged and foster future talent. In addition, along with the Korea Mecenat Association, it selects and supports scholarship students in the field of culture and arts every year, contributing to the discovery of excellent young artists. Since the establishment of the foundation until the end of last year, the cumulative amount of scholarship support reached 39.5 billion won.

(Photo description) The KT&G Scholarship Foundation held the ‘23 Year Sangsang RESTART Scholarship’ deposit ceremony on the 14th to support the healthy growth and social settlement of protected youth and delivered the scholarship to the Korea Youth Protection Association. From the left, Ko Hee-won, head of the protection project team of the Korea Youth Protection Association, Lee Sung-chil, secretary-general of the KT&G Scholarship Foundation, Ahn Hong-pil, and KT&G Director-hee, head of the social contribution department, take a commemorative photo at the 23-year Imagination RESTART Scholarship ceremony.
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