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487 Three Types of ‘EDGE’ to be Transformed with Edginess 2013.04.29




KT&G (CEO Min Young-jin) is to renew the nation’s first 84mm super-slim cigarette, EDGE, (which has three types) with a neater and more refined design. 


The types of EDGE to be renewed are EDGE 1mg, EDGE 5mg, and EDGE Icepoint. All three types have geometric images on the front that repeatedly highlight dynamic lines, and the EDGE logo is coated in a chrome color to emphasize refinement and high quality.


EDGE 1mg and EDGE 5mg are fitted with super carbon filters in such a way as to bring out fresh flavor while maintaining EDGE’s distinctive taste, and each makes the most of refinement by using silver and gold colors, respectively. Icepoint expresses a refreshing and pleasant flavor by using an aqua green color.


KT&G EDGE team leader Im Wang-seop said, EDGE is gaining unbroken popularity with young office workers because it has been developed by reflecting the trend toward their preferences for both fresh flavor and refined style,adding that with its new stylish design, the level of satisfaction of the sensuous consumers in their 30s will get higher.”

The three renewed types of EDGE are the same as the existing products in flavor and tar content. The price is also the same as the existing product: 2,500 per pack.

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