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485 KT&G, ‘Sangsang Univ. Jiphyeonjeon 2022’ Music Festival Participants Recruitment 2022.06.07
KT&G (CEO Baek Bok-in) is recruiting participants for the 'Sangsang Uni Jiphyeonjeon 2022' music festival for university students from across the nation who aspire to become musicians of the next generation between June 8 and August 8, 2022.

Since 2020, "Sangsang Univ. Jiphyeonjeon" has been KT&G's annual culture and art program that helps college students with a passion and talent for music develop into future musicians. Last year, a total of 243 teams and 487 college students participated in a fierce competition, and the total number of related YouTube video views reached 600,000 in total.

Recruitment is conducted in three categories: vocal, rap, and band. Further information is available on the Sangsang Univ. website ( ) In the preliminary round, 36 teams are selected through a fair screening by active music and director professionals, and in the final round, 12 teams are selected directly by six mentors to compete in the final competition. The final judgement will be conducted by famous singers Baek Ji-young, Kim Tae-woo, Kim Tae-won, Han Kyung-rok, Koonta, and Since, who are participating as mentors.

The twelve teams competing in the final competition will receive a total of 30 million won in prize money, as well as benefits such as one-on-one mentoring from renowned musicians and music registration. Twelve teams will compete at the final contest and festival held in Sangsang Madang Chuncheon, from which three will be chosen, one for each category. In addition, there will be a celebration performance by mentors. After the event, the entire process of "Sangsang Univ. Jiphyunjeon 2022" can be viewed in order on the official Sangsang Univ. YouTube channel.

Head of the Univ. Operations Division at KT&G, Lee Si-hyeong, stated, "'Sangsang Univ. Jiphyunjeon' is Sangsang Univ.'s original culture and art program for college students who aspire to become musicians of the next generation." It will be a unique opportunity for college student clubs and musicians, who have had limited performance opportunities due to COVID-19, to showcase their talents in front of a large audience.”

(Picture) ‘Sangsang Univ. Jiphyeonjeon 2022’ participant recruitment poster
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