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509 KT&G Scholarship Foundation Recruits “2022 Sangsang Scholarship Students” 2022.04.05
KT&G Scholarship Foundation recruits "2022 Middle and High School Sangsang Scholarship Students" for students experiencing financial difficulties.

Sangsang Scholarship is a scholarship program that KT&G Scholarship Foundation continues to provide annually since 2011 for underprivileged students and to develop future talents. This year, 1,000,000 won each will be provided to 200 middle school students, 2,000,000 won to 250 high school students, adding up to a total of 700,000,000 won for 450 students. Also, an online education program will be provided to selected students to minimize the education gap for underprivileged students.

Scholarship entries will be received through teachers in charge of the prospective scholarship student. Registrations are open until April 25th at the KT&G Scholarship homepage. After reviewing submitted papers, the final receivers will be selected and announced on May 11th.

A personnel at KT&G Scholarship Foundation said, "KT&G has continued its scholarship program in various fields to resolve education gaps and to train future talents." He continued, "We will continue to support students who experience financial difficulties so that they may resume their education with hope."

KT&G Scholarship Foundation is a nonprofit foundation established in 2008 to realize the management goal of becoming a "company that walks together". It actively provides various scholarship programs in Korea and abroad so that students do not halt their education for social or financial reasons. The foundation has provided 700,000,000 won in scholarships to middle and high school Sangsang Scholarship students. Since the foundation was established, 9,700 students have received the scholarship, amounting to 37,500,000,000 won.

(Photo) 2022 Middle and High School Sangsang Scholarship recruitment poster
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