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503 KT&G to offer performance venue rental discounts for musicians 2022.02.08
KT&G (CEO Baik Bok-In)'s '2022 Performance Venue Rental Support Program' seeks to aid musicians who are struggling amid the prolonged COVID-19 pandemic.

Musicians will be offered a 30% discount on rental fees for the 'Live Hall' performance venue at 'Sangsang Madang Hongdae', KT&G's mixed-use cultural space. Discounted rates are available in months without performances already scheduled (March, April, June, July, September and October), and interested musicians must sign up by April 30.

Musicians performing at the Live Hall from March through December will enjoy access to all stage equipment free of charge: These include in-ear earphones, multi-track recording equipment, dedicated Internet lines for online broadcasting, and Full HD video recordings (up to 120 minutes).

Applications may be downloaded from the KT&G Sangsang Madang website (, and may be submitted by e-mail. Performance schedules will be negotiated between applicants and Sangsang Madang before an offline visit prior to final signing of the rental agreement.

"The protracted COVID-19 pandemic has limited musicians' stage performance opportunities, and our discount program was devised as a means of extending realistic and practical aid to struggling artists," commented KT&G Corporate Social Responsibility Director Shim Yeong-Ah. "Sangsang Madan will continue to come up with sustainable and creative ways of helping musicians in need," she added.

(Photo) Poster for the "2022 Performance Venue Rental Support Program"
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