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434 KT&G’S Electronic Cigarette “Lil” Succeeds in a Breakthrough in 10 countries Within a 2021.08.10
KT&G (President Baek Bok-in) has succeeded in commercializing its e-cigarette "Lil" in 10 countries via global collaboration with Philip Morris International (PMI). This is the first achievement made within a year, ever since Lil was first introduced to Russia in August last year.

Last year, KT&G and PMI signed a contract regarding the overseas sales of the e-cigarette "Lil" and launched the "Lil SOLID 1.0" in Russia and Ukraine. Subsequently, it launched the “Lil HYBRID 2.0” in Japan.
This year, KT&G has been targeting an unprecedented market with its new product, “Lil SOLID 2.0” as its main product. Since its unveiling of the same product in Russia and Ukraine, the company has expanded its overseas sales to Southeastern Europe and Central Asia, including Kazakhstan, Serbia, Kyrgyzstan, Armenia, Uzbekistan and Northern Macedonia.
On August 9th (local time), Albania became the 10th country to have been introduced the “Lil SOLID 2.0” and its dedicated heated tobacco stick “Fiit”.
The “Lil SOLID 2.0” is a second generation model of KT&G’s heat-not-burn product with enhanced performance and design to improve consumer satisfaction. Its strong point is its upgraded battery efficiency and induction heating technology. The “Lil SOLID 2.0” device is available in two colors, STONE GREY and COSMIC BLUE.
The dedicated sticks come in a total of 7 types including “Fiit REGULAR”, “Fiit REGULAR SKY” and “Fiit MARINE”, and 3 or 4 types are sold in each country depending on the market situation.

Wang Seop Lim, Chief of NGP Business Division at KT&G stated, “[as] “Lil SOLID 1.0” and “Lil HYBRID 2.0” have been well received in their respective markets, we look forward to encouraging performance from “Lil SOLID 2.0” as well. We will continue to provide broader choices to consumers outside Korea in the second half of this year through collaboration with PMI”.
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