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As an ‘Enlightened company,’ KT&G
408 KT&G’s Ultra-Slim Cigarette “ESSE” Ranks 1st in National Brand Competitiveness Index 2021.04.29
On the 26th, KT&G (CEO, Bok-In Baek)’s Ultra-Slim Cigarette “ESSE” was ranked 1st in the “National Brand Competitiveness Index (NBCI) 2021” cigarette category for the 12th consecutive year.

NBCI is a measurement index managed by the Korea Productivity Center for measuring the competitiveness of Korea's leading brands. It evaluates the competitiveness of individual brands objectively and diagnoses brand management activities by calculating scores for △Brand awareness and △ Brand image and relationship, etc.

KT&G’s “ESSE” is chosen by one out of three ultra-slim cigarette consumers around the world, proving that it is the “World No.1 Product in its Class” in the ultra-slim cigarette market. ESSE is expanding its sales all over the world through exports to about 70 countries, including those in Latin America and Africa, in addition to the existing export regions of Indonesia, Russia, and the Middle East, expanding its territory even further.

Since 2004, ESSE has maintained its undisputed No. 1 position for 17 years in the domestic market. As of last year, it occupied about 30% of the domestic cigarette market share and about 80% of the domestic ultra-slim cigarette market. 

“ESSE”, as the world's No. 1 ultra-slim cigarette brand, is satisfying the needs of consumers with a variety of product lines. Since the launch of “ESSE Change 1mg”, the world's first ultra-slim product with capsules in 2013, the company has been introducing various lines, including “ESSE Change 4mg”, “ESSE Change W”, and “ESSE Change UP”. In 2017, KT&G has introduced the “ESSE Change Lean”, a micro-slim type that is thinner than the existing ultra-slim. In 2019, the company launched “ESSE Change Himalayas”, which uses capsules to reduce cigarette odor on users’ breath. 

Yoon-sik Jeong, Head of KT&G Brand Management said, “'ESSE’ is a brand created through systematic quality control and various product lines that meet consumer needs. We will keep striving to become a brand beloved by many consumers around the world by releasing various products incorporating KT&G's innovative technologies”.

(Caption) A commemorative photo of Yoon-sik Jeong, Head of KT&G Brand Management (left), and Hyung-beom Kim, Head of the Korea Productivity Center's Convergence Service Division, after the “NBCI No. 1 Brand Certification Ceremony 2021” held at Lotte Hotel in Jung-gu, Seoul on the 27th.

(Caption) Product photo of “ESSE Change Himalayas” with KT&G's unique odor reduction technology applied.

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